Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Big Day Out

We attended on BBC Radio Nottingham's "Big Day Out" on Sunday 26th April 2015. They offered free entry to heritage attractions across Nottinghamshire. There were lot of interesting attractions to choose from.

Our first choice was Nottingham Castle Museum. It is very beautiful inside and out. There are lot of exhibitions, vibrant museum and art gallery housing collections of silver, glass,
decorative items, visual arts, paintings and Nottinghamshire archaeology and history.

We traveled further to visit Newstead Abbey & Park in Ravenshead. The park is a perfect place for families to spend quality free time together. The Abbey is the ancestral home of the poet Lord Byron but was founded as a monastic house in the late 12th century.


Monday, 27 April 2015

Letterbox 27/04/15

I have got two free parcels delivered today - best matching ever: Chocolate and Tea.

I won 80 tea bags of delicious Thompson's Family Teas in beautiful Signature Tea Caddy from Punjana Ltd. They run a Facebook competition some weeks ago to celebrate that their Thompson’s Signature Blend won the best new product at the amazing Northern Ireland Food & Drink Awards.

I have got Green&Black's Thin milk chocolate bar with Crispy pieces lightly infused with refreshing peppermint from OfferOasis. It is a very useful freebie site with great competitions, offers and freebie links. They send away freebies to everybody who shares a new offer on their Facebook page.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

James Bond 007 for Women Fragrance

I started to test products for trnd.com this year. My first project was James Bond 007 for Women Fragrance. I have got one full bottle (30ml) of the perfume for free + 20 samples to give away. 

I was over the moon when I opened my parcel but the biggest surprise was the perfume itself. If I would design a fragrance it would be same as 007 for Women.

The bottle is shocking glamorous, black is my favourite colour. The colour and the shape of the bottle say a lot about the fragrance. It is a fragrance for woman who knows what she wants and she has her own sweet but ambitious expedients.

This fragrance makes me feel dangerously sophisticated. I love when I get a splash of 007 for Women. It is very long lasting and gives me energy when I smell it. 007 for Women Fragrance are really delicious and layered- constantly changing fragrance. I never feel it similar. It is sometimes sweet and in other occasion illustrious black.

It belongs to the Oriental fragrance family.

Top Notes: Black pepper, Rose milk

Heart Notes: Blackberry, White floral jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla, White musk, Cedarwood

I think black vanilla and jasmine are my favourite ingredients. I love sweet perfumes especially vanilla. 007 for women are sweet but have so much other scents (even black pepper) that I cannot say it is something sugary or girlish. It is sweet as the natural personality of any women but energetic and success oriented too.

I am sure I will buy this fragrance for myself or even better I would ask for it as a gift.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Freebie of the day 17/04/15

Win 1 of 500 Tortons Special Toffee or Fabulous Fudge chocolate bars.

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Freebie of the day 16/04/15

FREE Zeoderm100ml

Salcura Natural Skin Therapy are giving away 10 Zeoderm 100ml worth £15.99 each to 10 lucky winners every day this month.

Click here to enter the competition!


I have won! 

Thanks to everybody who used my referral link and helped me to win Salkura Zeoderm moisturiser. I cannot wait to get it.

My prize arrived super quickly. It is a full size product and would be perfect on my dry and sensitive skin. I am happy to use it even on my face because I have very good experiences with Salcura Skin Care products.


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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Freebie of the day 15/04/15



Free Intense Hydration Night Cream sample from Burt’s Bees




 The first 15,000 subscribers who sign up will each be sent a 4.2g Intense Hydration Night Cream sample from Burt’s Bees‘ Intense Hydration range and an exclusive 20% off skincare code.


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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How I fuel my exercises

I do exercises nearly every day so eating the right food is essential for me.

I started to build muscles 4 years ago. The first step was my gym membership the second was that I started to educate myself about food –nutrients. Good looking body is made in the kitchen in 70% and made in the gym in 30%. It is true. You cannot balance your binge eating with exercises. It is very important to track your macro nutrient intake. Food is the fuel of your body. It will be fit and work well when you use the right fuel. There are three macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates (carbs) and proteins.  Who want to increase muscle mass must eat lots of proteins. It is the first rule of building muscles. We must eat food high in protein and carbs after weight training not later than 2 hours. It is sometimes challenging. What if I exercise in the gym before work or I go shopping right from the gym? There are available protein drinks or bars, but they have usually high calories for high price. The best food to have in your gym bag is Arla Protein. Arla Protein contains 20g protein and only 140 kcal per 200g pot. It is relatively big pot, so you do not feel hungry or just half full after eating it. It is the right size with as high protein content as one full chicken breast or tuna conserve. You can choose from three flavours: strawberry, raspberry & rosehip and blueberry. Raspberry & rosehip is very unique.  I recommend it for gourmets, because you really can taste the rosehip. My favourite is the traditional strawberry. I hope there will come more flavours soon.


Healthy eating is very important for me so I was very happy when I have got invitation to Arla Protein BzzCampaign. It was a little bit hard to find it in the store, because some Tesco stock it temporally.  I think because it is a new product. I hope it will change later because I would like to buy Arla Protein in the future too.

Eating food high in protein is very important. Protein helps build muscles and accelerates recovery after workout. Even helps you lose weight because the digestion of protein produces 10% more heat than digestion of other nutrients. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer. Arla Protein is a perfect and totally unique product because contains 20g protein. Since I build muscles I dreamed about same product. When I do my weight training too late at the night I do not have time for preparing and eating proper meal after it, because I should sleep as well. I tried protein shakes but they are from processed whey with high glycemic index, which means I am hungry after 30 minutes and cannot sleep.  My solution was low fat yoghurts with plain protein powder, but it was not really tasty. I purchase plain protein powder, because I use it in cooking. I would like to avoid artificial flavours and colours as well. I have found in Arla Protein everything what I need: delicious taste, creamy texture, extremely high protein (20g), low fat (0.4g), naturally low sugar (12.6g), low calories (140kcal) and perfect size (200g).

Arla Protein is a very good snack too. There are only some high protein snacks in shops. The ordinary food or snacks contain extremely low amount of protein which is not healthy. It is important to check food labels and check the protein content. Ordinary people eat very low protein diet. Eating one or two pots of Arla Protein can make extremely big difference in our wellbeing.

The truth is, Arla Protein is not yoghurt – is a quark. Have a little bit different, grainier consistency and a little bit bitter flavour as yoghurts. Quark is the perfect protein source before bed, because contains very slowly releasable protein (kazein) which helps you build muscles during your night sleep.

I cannot imagine better product for people with healthy eating goals as Arla Protein.

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Weight training for runners

sit ups on bench with weights

leg lifting on bench


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