Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Elegant Touch

I am a proud member in a new product reviewing panel – Insiders Elegant Touch. I had the opportunity to try three boxes of Elegant Touch false nails for free. Brilliant, I love beautiful nails.

The first kit I tried is Elegant Touch After Dark Limited Edition Chrome Crazy. My first impression was positive, but the colour of the nails is a little bit different from the picture. I thought there are even blue glitters but all the glitters are silver and holographic, so it calls Chrome Crazy. The base of the nails is clear. Anyway looks extremely elegant I can recommend even for weddings.

The Chrome Crazy kit contains glue, mini buffer and information leaflet. It is really easy to apply. The pack contains 24 nails in 10 sizes. Everybody can find the perfect fit. It is very comfortable to wear. It has a long stiletto shape, but I can recommend even as everyday wear. No extreme length no extreme sharpness just glam look.

My second kit has the name Rosie Bea Nails (Top Beauty Vlogger). It has beautiful deep marina colour. I love dark nails, so this very dark blue is one of my favourites. The colour is as beautiful in reality as on the website. It is perfect to wear for any occasion in any season. Just put it on when you like it. It goes well with any style and colour. You cannot go wrong with Rosie Bea Marina. The shape is a short stiletto, very comfortable, never makes you any difficulties in everyday life.

The Rosie Bea Marina kit contains 24 nails in 10 sizes, glue and mini buffer. Very easy to attach and lasts quite long.

Elegant Touch Express is the perfect false nail kit for first users. I recommend to start and practise with Express and try other types later. It is a 3 minute manicure, because you do not need to use glue. No mess! No stress! No glue! All the 24 nails are preglued and have short flattering shapes. Perfect new look. It is just like a nail polish but it is quicker to apply and last longer without a chipping and fading. The kit contains Prep Wipe for even longer lasting.

The Express Garnet Glitter colour fits perfectly with the pictures. These nails have black base with sultry mix of red and pink glitters. It gives a decent dark look, no wonder why Elegant Touch Express Garnet Glitter is my hubby’s and my favourite.

For perfect look always make proper manicure before applying false nails. Uncared for and dry cuticles can ruin any look. Here is a little video how I look after my nails and cuticles.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Nescafe Original Red Lid

I love the BzzAgent.co.uk website because they know exactly which BzzCampaign is suitable for me. I was selected to take part in the Nescafe Original 2016 campaign. I was very happy because I love coffee since my childhood. I love everything with coffee flavour: cakes, ice creams, cappuccinos etc.

Nescafe was always my favourite because the very rich flavour but now it has extremely strong and pleasant coffee aroma. When somebody opens a Nescafe jar everybody can smell the delicious aroma and are happy to join for a good cup of coffee. Nescafe brings people together. It is a true social coffee.

My free BzzKit contained a big jar of Nescafe Original and a branded red Nescafe mug. I love mugs!

When I searched for more information about my preferred coffee on the nescafe.co.uk website I realised, that Nescafe offers more than 30 varieties of coffee drinks to try. Huge amount, isn’t it?

This new Nescafe campaign is about Nescafe Original with new red lid. The eye-catching red lid signifies more than a colour change. The coffee itself is produced by exclusive double filter technology which helps to capture richest flavour and aroma. Nescafe Original with red lid preserves more significant notes from freshly grounded coffee than Nescafe with brown lid. I love it so much. Even the aroma wakes me up. Nescafe Original red lid is perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

It is very important to tell, that Nescafe Original is Fair Trade. Nescafe supports coffee farmers to use more responsible farming practices to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy a delicious cup of Nescafe. It is made of 100% Robusta and Arabica beans. I totally understand why it is the Nation’s Favourite Coffee (GLOBAL Data (IRI + KWP), Volume Sales, 52w/e 16th July 2016).

NescafeOriginal tastes delicious and perfect when it is cold and frosty outside. I always dream about holidays and harmony when I drink it. It warms my body and soul. It helps me relax and regenerate.
I often serve Nescafe Original to my guests because it has delicious aroma and helps to make the perfect festive atmosphere. I even make Nescafe ice cubes to serve with Irish cream liquor. It looks lush and tastes delicious. I like to be creative with high quality ingredients.

I love coffee and I have my 3-4 daily coffees. Nescafe Original is my favourite. Since participating it this fantastic BzzCamapign my view have changed a little bit about Nescafe. I have a bigger respect towards the brand, because they care a lot about their customer’s needs. As I see they sell original, decaf, skinny, flavoured coffees and cappuccinos. Everybody can find his own favourite.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

No Falsies. No Extensions. Just Fibers.

La Belle Famille sent me the new L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara in black colour to try. I could not wait my cute little box to arrive.

I never ever go out without mascara, because I have short and thin lashes. I do not use falsies or extensions because I find them very uncomfortable but I like to have visible lashes. L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara gives me ultimate false lash look, without the hassle of false lashes or eyelash extensions. It is just perfect and innovative.

False Lash Superstar X Fiber is the mascara I always dreamt about. I no more need to choose between length or volume because 1 mascara has 2 totally different brushes. If you are, like me, who sneakily opens mascaras in the drugstore to check brushes, this is the right mascara for you. These two brushes are both perfect and very easy to use. I can recommend False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara even for those who never used mascara before. Perfect result is guaranteed.

How to use it?

Step one: Volumising black primer thickens the look of each lash to build extreme volume. It dries extremely quickly which helps you apply more coat if needed. I apply usually 2-3.

Step two: This formula is enriched with 20X more fibres than Superstar Original mascara for extra length. Apply some more coats with this extra tufty brush for dramatic false lash look.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Green Tea Tips

Home Tester Club is the world's biggest grocery-product testing, reviewing & sharing community. If you check #hometesterclub on instagram you can find lots of photos from club members around the world. I am one of the enthusiastic Home Tester Club members from the UK. My latest test product was Tetley Pure Green Tea.

I enjoyed Tetley Pure Green Tea, it is a really tasty and full bodied green tea. I did not like green tea before, because it always tasted bitter for me. At least I discovered I made it wrong and ruined the tea. You must use around 80 degree water. If you  boil the water to 100 degree it makes the tea unpalatable, bitter. Luckily I have a kettle with outside thermometer. If you have a traditional kettle, just boil the water and wait 2 minutes before pouring it over your tasty Tetley Pure Green Tea filter. Tetley advises on the pack do not add milk to enjoy it, just sweeten with sugar if needed. My advice is add cinnamon and a little milk to your Tetley Pure GreenTea to create unique taste.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Brioche Pasquier

I was being selected as a party host of Team Come Round’s exclusive Brioche Pasquier campaign. They sent me a huge party pack with lots of treats focused on breakfast.

Brioche Pasquier is a traditional French Family Bakery Since 1936. Today, they still follow the same baking methods that the founder, Gabriel Pasquier, used to deliver Brioche Pasquier’s unique taste. These recipes are free from artificial colours, flavours and hydrogenated fats. Great - Brioche Pasquier is good for us!

I have tried Brioche Pasquier products before, because they have fantastic marketing. They give away coupons (click here to print 35p off your next purchase of any product), run competitions (enter Advent Calendar Competition 2016) and have on pack promotions. I prefer brands which try to entertain and motivate customers. Brioche Pasquier makes me feel a valued customer.

Anyway the best thing in Brioche Pasquier products, that these pastries are delicious. I wake up happier if I can have Brioche Pasquier for breakfast and coffee in my favourite Brioche Pasquier mug.
My favourite pastry is the unique Sliced Brioche Loaf, I have never had so tasty thing in my toaster before. You can eat it with butter, jam, peanut butter etc. there are endless possibilities. They even advise you on the pack to try it as a sandwich with vegetables, but I think, it is not for me. I usually do not like to mix sweet and salty. Erm, unless it is salted caramel or sweet & salty popcorn. Maybe I should be more open and try brioche loaf ham and cheese sandwich.

Brioche Pasquier has a wide range of tasty products.

I have got one pack of 8 traditional French all butter croissants. These are best enjoyed warm. Pre-heat your oven to 200°C and warm for 2-3 minutes. These are perfect with sweet spreads or butter, but I enjoy them plain as well with a nice cup of hot drink.

Pain au Chocolat is my second favourite. These are made with a brioche dough which is worked into a light puff pastry and filled with a delicious dark chocolate. One pack contains 6 individually wrapped pastries. I prefer them on the go. They sell even Pains au Chocolat Crème Pâtissière, which is similar to Pain au Chocolat filled with extra pastry cream – tastes like custard. Me, personally, prefer Pain au Chocolat.

Pain au Laits are very light and airy mini rolls, 8 in one sachet. You can toast them or just use your favourite spreads. I love it with butter & strawberry jam or butter & honey - the choice is always though. Perfect breakfast pastry, one never enough.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Whiskas Is Better Than Ever

Meet our Brands online petfood test panel offered me to try Whiskas 7+ Poultry Selection in Gravy for free. I was more than happy to take part in this exciting project, because my indeed extremely picky cat loves to try new food. She must try even human food, but in 90% she does not like it. I had a little fear what will be her reaction to Whiskas Poultry Selection, because she did not like Whiskas wet food before. But we did give it a go.

It was a very big surprise when she started to eat everything from her bowl very quickly. She even enjoyed to chew on bigger pieces. I always like to give her 100% complete and balanced cat food. I believe Whiskas with over 50 years’ experience knows well what is good for my little darling.

Her favourite is the Turkey one, because this flavour is less common than Chicken or Poultry. Duck comes last in the row, because it has darker meat. Yes, choosy Muzu prefers white meat.

Me, personally liked the smell of Whiskas 7+ Poultry Selection in Gravy, it smells like human food (or even better). No, I have not been tempted enough to taste it.

This Meet our Brands product test came out really well and I am happy to repurchase Whiskas 7+Poultry Selection in Gravy in the future.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Drink Good. Feel Good.

I have been specially selected to be part of Come Round team’s unique campaign. They sent me a free party pack with lots of Feel Good Drinks. My family, friends and me were more than happy to try these new  and seductive drinks.

First of all these bottles look very nice and bubbly. It makes me smile to look at them. I love real gals bottles these make home parties more sophisticated. You can find Feel Good Drinks even in small plastic bottles to carry the goodness everywhere with you.

FeelGood Drinks are colourful without added artificial colours. These drinks are 100% natural. They come in lots of flavour, you can always try something new. Natural is not boring! My favourite flavour is Apple, Elderflower & Water. I love also Lemon, Elderflower & Water and Orange, Mango & Water. Anyway I am happy to drink any flavours. You can choose even between still and lightly sparkly. It is fantastic! I do not like carbonated drinks, but these light bubbles refresh me. Feel Good Drinks are even perfect mocktail ingredients. Try some good recipes:

The most important fact is that The Feel Good Drinks Co. never adds any sugar to their drinks. It is a guilt free pleasure. The sweetness of these lovely drinks comes from naturally occurring sugars, which is essential to our bodies. Never distract sugar totally from your diet. Human body uses naturally occurring sugar to fuel exercises and fuel our mind. Feel Good Drinks are beneficial in schools, gyms and offices.

FeelGood Drinks do not contain sweeteners. I am really happy with this, because lots of sweeteners contain milk sugar, which causes very unpleasant reactions by people allergic to dairy.
FeelGood Drinks contain merely fruit juices from concentrate and crisp, clear water. It tastes similarly delicious as pure fruit juices but the taste and the consistency is lighter so these drinks quench your thirst better.
FeelGood Drinks contain less acid as pure fruit juices, because are diluted with water. These drinks are more suitable for people who suffer from heartburn. If you feel stomach discomfort after drinking your breakfast juice swap it for FeelGood Drinks and enjoy breakfast time again.

I am really happy that Come Round introduced me The Feel Good Drinks Co. I cannot imagine healthier and tastier drinks. I believe if I drink good I feel good.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sheba Classic Soup

We took part in Meet our Brand Sheba Classic Soup with Ocean Fish Fillets and Vegetables cat food test. My cat, Muzu, liked the product. The truth is, she likes Sheba Select Slices in Gravy better, but she licked her bowl clean after ocean fish soup too. She ate liquid first and finished with meat after 1,5 hour waiting. I was impressed, because the product has tempting smell and same consistency 1.5 hour after the opening. My cat usually does not eat “old” food from her bowl, only freshly opened from a new clean bowl.

Sheba Classic Soupwith Ocean Fish Fillets and Vegetables could be a great variety when she is bored from her usual food but I would not feed this as a main meal.

Sheba Classic Soups are very healthy because contain vegetable and lots of liquid. I believe pets should consume lots of liquid to be healthy. Muzu is mad about vegetable. I always try to find her cat food with added vegetable pieces.

The sachet is easy to tear open, liquid does not spills, does not make any mess. It is only 40g, so I do not need to store opened sachets – my cat eats always small portions.
I love the design and colours. Sheba’s new design is the best!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Gnocchi with Sweet Poppy Seeds

I enjoyed my latest Orchard at Tesco project – Love Food Hate Waste. I was more than happy to spend my coupons on wonky veg and fruit.

My life mission is to save as much as I can on food and cooking. Did you know that the average UK family wastes £60 of food a month, that is over £700 a year? I am happy to use wonky veg and fruit because shape and size makes no difference in taste. We cannot control how fruit and veg grows, so Tesco Perfectly Imperfect is a range of fruit and veg that have grown a little wonky but are still absolutely delicious.
Potatoes come in all shapes and sizes. Save the wonky potatoes! Use my recipe to transform wonky potatoes to a tasty gnocchi.


1kg peeled potatoes
350g self-raising flour (could be gluten free), plus extra for dusting
3 whole eggs
Pinch of salt


Boil peeled potatoes. Do not need to cut for pieces. They should be soft, but hold together.

Mash boiled potatoes.

Mix all ingredients together with your hands. The dough should feel a little sticky. If it is too runny add more flour. Be careful, do not add too much flour, because your gnocchi will be chewy and undercooked.

Roll the gnocchi dough gently on a lightly dusted surface. Cut the gnocchi to around 3-4 cm pieces. It takes a little longer time – switch on your radio.

Bring a large pan of water to the boil. Tip the gnocchi into the water. When, after 5-6 minutes, they float to the top, scoop out using a slotted spoon or small sieve.

Grind sugar a poppy seeds in a blender. Should have flour like consistency.

Season gnocchi with a good amount of sweet poppy seeds.