Monday, 31 October 2016

Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Mixed Duo Collection

Huzzah! It was a pretty fast product test! Winter is coming so my cat, Muzu eats more especially when she gets something really tasty.

Meet Our Brands test panel sent us Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Mixed Duo Collection to try for free. The product test was a very big success. My parcel arrived on Thursday and Muzu had the last sachet on Friday evening. I am really impressed and will look for the product next time I stock up in cat food.

We have got these sachets of wet food:

  • Tunaand Oceanfish – it is our absolute favourite
  • Salmon and Saithe – my cat loved and enjoyed it
  • Chicken and Beef –we started the product test with this one, because Muzu does not like red meat, but surprisingly it was demolished quickly
  • Poultry and Lamb – little problem here, first it was left in the cat bowl and I should throw away, but for second attempt it was accepted and happily eaten (who understands cats’ eating habits)

Me personally prefer Sheba products, because sachets are very easy to tear. There is no mess, no leaking. The package design is fantastic with dark & bright colours. I can easily find even in low light which product I would like to open and do not give my hungry cat lamb instead of tuna at 5am. I should be very careful my own good. If I swap the pouches during the night she does not let me go back to sleep. Little tyrant!

Low in Shampoo - High in Cream

L’Oreal has a very exciting test panel  - La Belle Famille, where you can try some of their latest launches before anyone else for free. I am a very happy member.
I am loyal to the brand. I use L’Oreal long time ago with a very big satisfaction and like to work together with the brand. When L’Oreal launched their Elvive Fibrology I was even invited to a casting for the TV advertisement.

This time I tested L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo Gentle Cleansing Cream. The key word here is the Low Shampoo. This product is very different from a shampoo but it is for cleaning fragile and dry hair without damaging it. It is a cleansing cream with no foam or lather and no sulphates.

Here is the new way how to wash your hair.

These steps are necessary to follow:
  1. Use 10-15 pumps, because there is no foam, this amount is just right. I personally use 15 pumps and distribute from scalp to tips.  First the very creamy consistency was quite strange but I used to it. Anyway it is easy to distribute.
  2. Leave-on for minimum 3 minutes. You can use it even instead of your conditioner so it saves you time.
  3. The most important thing is the rinsing! You must wash this shampoo very thoroughly because it has creamy consistency. If you feel your hair heavier after first use it is because you have not rinsed it properly. It can be even itchy when the shampoo remains on your scalp. Comb your hair through with your fingers everywhere.

I like the result. My hair looks healthier and it is nice, shiny and soft. It is even easier to manage as before.

I love the fragrance as well. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo contains 6 flower extracts which means, it smells delicious. Even the smell persuades me to use this product. Lush!

You can use L’Oreal Low Shampoo instead of your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. I even tried it with my regular conditioner too and the result was still perfect.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

WHISKAS® Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly - The Healthy Choice

Meet our Brands test panel sent me Whiskas cat food to review this time. Muzu was a nice girl and tested it properly. Anyway she is not a Whiskas cat. She loves Whiskas dry food but she is rather picky with Whiskas wet food. Luckily Whiskas started to change and my cat already started to like their wet food. The change started by Whiskas Creamy Soups. These wet foods are very different and creamy. These make a nice variety in my cat's diet. I always have some sachets in the cupboard for a change.

Muzu is happy to eat WHISKAS® 1+ Years Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly. She tried all 4 varieties:
Her favourite is the whitefish one.
I am happy there is no more prawn flavour in the boxes, because all my cats avoided this flavour.
WHISKAS® 1+ Years Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly are very healthy choice for my cat, because it contains lots of moisture to keep her waterworks healthy. Believe me it is extremely important, I already buried two tomcats with kidney disease. :( 

Muzu loves to lick the jelly first but she eats a pretty good amount of flesh too. Some pieces always remain on the plate but in total I am very satisfied with WHISKAS® 1+ Years Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly. I am sure I will repurchase it and even try Poultry Selection in Jelly too. I am sure I cannot go wrong with Whiskas.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Autumn Comfort Food - Potato Cakes

As an active member of The Orchard at Tesco panel I have got money off coupons to try the new farm brands from Tesco.
It is a traditional Hungarian recipe. You could eat these potato cakes as a snack or as a side dish for soups.


1kg peeled potatoes
3 whole eggs
Pinch of salt, plus extra for seasoning
Oil for frying


Boil peeled potatoes. Do not need to cut for pieces. They should be soft, but hold together.

Mash boiled potatoes.

Mix all ingredients together with your hands. The dough should feel a little sticky.

If your dough is too runny add more flour. Be careful, do not add too much flour, because your cakes will be chewy and undecooked.

Roll the dough to 0.5cm thick on well floured surface. Use pastry cutters to make funny cake shapes.

Fry in fryer on 170 degree for 15 minutes.

Season with salt.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Sheba Fines Flakes in Jelly Poultry Collection - For Picky Cats

I like to try and test new products so I was very happy when Mars Petcare UK selected me to take part in their Meet our Brands test panel.
The truth is I am not the tester I just write reviews. The tester is my cat, Muzu because Meet our Brands project is for pet owners and our well-loved pets test pet food.
My cat loves her job, because she is very picky and loves variety in cat food. We are always the first to try new cat food from the supermarket shelves. First it was quite annoying, that Muzu does not want to eat her food, but we used to it.

One of her favourite cat food brand is Sheba. We were very lucky to get Sheba pouches for free as our first Meet our Brands project.

Muzu’s pack contained four pouches of Sheba Fines Flakes in Jelly Poultry Collection cat food:

She loved all of the flavours. She usually likes these flavours and different fish flavours too. She is not a big red meat eater. Sometimes she gets bored of duck, but in this case she demolished the duck one quickly and without any complaint.

Muzu is not a big eater. I always need to encourage her to eat more. She eats one maximum two sachets of wet cat food per day. She always leaves about third of her meal which I should throw out.
I was very impressed with Sheba, because Muzu does not leave anything in her pet bowl.

Wow I have not seen a pet bowl licked clean ages ago!

She even ate more than before. I have got my parcel delivered on Friday. She got Sheba for dinner on Friday and she had the last pouch on Sunday. Basically 4 pouches for 2 days and bowls are licked clean. I was very happy with this result.

I am sure I will repurchase Sheba Fines Flakes in Jelly Poultry Collection again. It makes me very happy when my Muzu is satisfied with her food.