Monday, 25 January 2016

Tesco saved my Christmas

My latest Orchard program was called Christmas Tesco Free From. It means I have got coupons to help me by my free from allergens Christmas shopping. This program was very useful for me because I have one very close coeliac family member who I invited for a Christmas dinner.



His food intolerance started so long time ago that I am perfect in gluten and dairy free cooking and baking. This year we bought more ready to eat Free From Christmas food from Tesco as before because they had an all-inclusive Free From range. I was very pleasantly surprised with wide variety and good prices.



Tesco have worked really hard on their Christmas Free From range. It is visible, they want to make sure that those with a food allergy or intolerance get to enjoy the festivities as much as the rest of us. Of course, I checked other supermarkets what they offer for Christmas for coeliacs, and I can confirm, Tesco had the best festive free from range. 


 Tesco’s gluten free Christmas centrepieces and Free From range can quickly and effortlessly whip up an amazing feast everyone can enjoy.

Tesco helped me to have perfect gluten free Christmas. They sell wide selection of Tesco Free From food directly designed for Christmas. I am happy, because I did not need to bake as much homemade free from cakes and biscuits as before. So I had more time for decorating.

Thanks Orchard Panel for money off coupons. It was really hard to decide what to choose, because the whole Tesco Free From Christmas range looks delicious and high quality.



 We traditionally eat fish on Christmas Eve, because fish is the symbol of Christians.  We usually have fish fingers, because these are the tastiest and crispiest fish. These are easy and quick to prepare as well.  I tried Tesco Free From Cod Fish Fingers. These gluten and dairy free cod fish fingers are as good as common fish fingers. You cannot tell the difference. It is a tasty and healthy choice if you bake them in oven without adding more oil. These are crispy, deliciously brown and do not fall apart when I turn them during baking in the oven. I served Tesco Free From Fish Fingers with naturally gluten and dairy free cooked potatoes in duck fat.



Of course we tried Tesco Free From Profiteroles, who can resist these delicious Christmas treats. The box contains gluten free choux pastry with a sweetened dairy cream filling and a sachet of chocolate sauce. Just removed the profiteroles from all packaging and placed on to serving tray. I allowed defrosting along with the sauce sachet at room temperature for approximately 1 hour. Alternatively the sauce can be served warm by placing the unopened sachet in to warm water for 1-2 minutes. Just before serving pour the sauce over the profiteroles. Delicious!


Did you know Tesco has the best dairy and gluten free Strawberry And Vanilla Cones ice cream in the world? It is full of flavours and milky without dairy. I think the healthy coconut oil makes this milk like consistency. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried my first Tesco free from ice cream around half year ago. I hope there will be more irresistible flavours soon!

Christmas cannot be perfect without a Christmas pudding and mince pies. Luckily Tesco made even the free from variety for us. Tesco Free From Christmas pudding was delicious, I would never have known it was from the Free From range. It was packed with fruit and full of flavours. We have found even Tesco Free From Deep Filled Mince Pies. These perfect little treats are as delicious as the wheat and dairy variety. There is no difference!

It is not all - Tesco sells even wide range of everyday Free From products.

I have tried these Free From products before, because I have heard lots of good thing about gluten free diet:


- Tesco Free From Pure Oats – Healthy gluten free rolled oat flakes. It takes only 2 minutes and you have a tasty and healthy breakfast. The product is high in fibre and contains only natural ingredients. It keeps you fuller for longer, so it is the perfect breakfast. Make a delicious dairy and gluten free porridge with Tesco Free From Fresh Unsweetened Soya Milk. This healthy plant based drink is alternative to dairy milk with added calcium and vitamins.
If you in hurry you can choose even Tesco Free From Instant Porridge Sachets. 6 Gluten free microwaveable porridge oats variety pack: 2 Original, 2 Golden Syrup Flavour, 2 Apple & Cinnamon. No added sugar, but delicious fruity taste.

- Tesco Free FromFrozen Cheese & Tomato Pizza – It is a traditional great tasting pizza in healthier variety. It contains only mozzarella and tomato sauce topping. You can add more carefully selected, allergen free ingredients if you want, but please, check the labels all the time. Even prepacked meat products can contain milk and gluten.

- Tesco Free From Fresh Bread, now with up to 50% less fat. It is tasty bread with light texture. I bought especially the white variety - Sliced white bread made with tapioca starch, rice flour and potato starch. I love unusual and healthy ingredients. You can find even the long life variety of this bread in vacuum pack.

I love snacking but I would like to eat as healthily as possible. Tesco Free From helps me to follow a gluten free diet and have great snacks too. I love to eat my free from biscuits with some fruits. There is a wide range of traditional products: shortbread, chocolate and orange bars, jam tarts, chocolate or plain digestives etc. You can find something new - as macaroons - time to time, because the range goes wider and wider.

I have found Tesco Free From range very delicious. It is suitable for everybody not only for food intolerant. Try it you will not regret it.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Ambi Pur 3volution

One of my favourite website is I can find there good advices about household, health and beauty, coupons, competitions, recipes and even can test perfect products. I am Savvy Circle member where I try new products for free time to time. I love these projects, because I can learn so many things about everyday essentials.
Savvy Circle had one fantastic project around Christmas: Ambi Pur 3volution. I am in love with home scents so I enjoyed this project very much.

Ambi Pur 3volution is an electrical plug in with a touch of Febreze. Ambi Pur 3volution cycles through three gorgeous scents every 45 minutes so my home is constantly feeling fresh.
I can control and adjust fragrance level. Continuously diffuses for up to 90 days on minimum setting. I used it on higher setting and after 2 months continuous using is still working. Really helps me save money. The pleasant fragrance starts to weaken only after a month use. I used lots of different formats and scents of home fragrances before but I had problem with the long lasting quite often. I opened them and after two days the pleasant fragrance was over. Luckily I do not have this problem with Ambi Pur 3volution they last as long and as intensive as they claim on the package. Ambi Pur is honest company.

I plugged in my Ambi Pur 3volution next to my front door because I love to come home to a pleasant smelling and inviting house. I often felt uncomfortable when I cooked, somebody rang the doorbell, I opened the door and my house smelled from cooked vegetable, oil and spices. All my fears disappeared since I use Ambi Pur 3volution because I am sure my house has pleasant fragrance.
We even have an indoor cat - that means cat litter box inside the house. We hide it and clean it daily, but before Ambi Pur 3volution I smell it as well. Since I have one plug-in near the “cat litter room” I cannot smell it just feel the sand under my feet.

You can buy refills to your stylish Ambi Pur 3volution plug in. There are lots of fragrances to choose from.
If you find it difficult to choose the best fragrance reading the description then head off to store. All packages of the Ambi Pur 3volution refills contain a “touch it - smell it” sticker with the fragrance.

My first home fragrance was Vanilla Latte. The scent is delicious, even my coffee hater hubby loves it. The fragrance is sweet, light and airy.

You can buy Vanilla Bouquet high quality fragrance too. Ambi Pur is a perfect brand for me, because vanilla is my favourite scent.

If you like sweeter fragrances you can choose the Exotic Fruity Fusion. There are traditional scents as Blossom & Breeze and Lavender too. 

Ambi Pur 3volution can help to have better sleep with Warm Milk & Honey and Moonlit Lavender Bedroom Air Freshener.

Ambi Pur 3volution has delicious seasonal scents as Spiced Apple and Frosted Pine.

I bought the Snowberry fragrance for Christmas. It reminded me to frosty Christmas morning walks. I love fresh fruity fragrances. Ambi Pur 3volution transformed our home into cosy Christmas sanctuary.