Monday, 13 November 2017

Eating More Fruit & Veg

Philips has a test panel where you can apply to try your preferred Philips product. I dreamed about a perfect blender and my dream has come true, Philips sent me ProBlend 63D. This blender is exactly what I need for making my home made nut butters. It is a high speed blender for 50% finer blending. It blends a perfect nut butter so I can control the oil content of my favourite spread. I had a blender before which was unable to transform nuts for a nut butter. I am so satisfied with Philips ProBlend.

I love to blend fruit & veg smoothies to help my family and myself to eat more veggies. We are fine with fruit but I think we all need to eat more vegetables. Philips has a free app with lots of healthy recipes, where the proportions of smoothie ingredients are:
1/3 fruit for natural sweetness
1/3 vegetables as health and fibre boosters
1/3 liquid for hydration

I also use my Philips ProBlend to make homemade ice cream from frozen fruit, ice or frozen yogurt. This massive blender is strong enough to blend ice cubes perfectly. It has even suction cup legs for a perfect hold.
With Philips ProBlend 6 healthy eating and snacking is extremely easy. Making smoothies is as quick as opening a sharing bag of chocolate. Which one would you like to choose?

Philips ProBlend 6 is completely dishwasher safe so no hand washing needed. It looks very professional so I keep it on my kitchen top and use often.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Discover Your Dark Side

I discovered my dark side thanks to my latest The Insiders campaign. I have got two beautiful bottles of red wine. Apothic Red bottles have wonderful design. I am proud to have so beautiful bottles on my dinner table. I am sure I will give Apothic as a gift too.

Apothic is inspired by “Apotheca” a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe. Apothic Red is a Californian wine, but the "Father of Modern Winemaking in California" was a Hungarian nobleman, Agoston Haraszthy.
I am true red wine lover and Apothic Red has become my favourite wine because its key characteristic. Has a deep, complex, expertly layered flavour. Crafts the finest red blends. Rich Zinfandel, smooth Merlot, flavourful Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon creates layers of dark red fruit complemented by hints of vanilla and mocha. Apothic Red is a very nice fruity wine.

I love to drink Apothic Red after a perfect steak at weekends. But it even goes well with savoury snacks after a long and stressful weekday. Apothic is a real enjoyment.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Chestnut Swirls

I always try to encourage people to do more in the kitchen. If you control your food, than you can control your hunger. You can eat anything from controlled sources without worrying about your and even your kids weight. Cooking and baking is really easy, kids can do it too. If you are absolutely beginner I advise you to start with Betty Crocker cake mixes – perfect results are guaranteed.
I would show you today how can you transform a simple vanilla sponge into a extraordinary looking chestnut swirl.

-Start with the very easy chestnuts cream.

-Mix together 500g cooked and mashed chestnuts with 100g soft spread and 110g icing sugar.

-Refrigerate until it is totally cold. I usually wait 3 hours.

-Heat the oven to 180 Celsius.

-Mix the whole box of Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla cake mix with 90ml vegetable oil and 3 medium eggs.

-Use a huge baking tray and cover with parchment paper. Spread the cake mixture evenly in thin layer (0.5cm).

-Bake your sponge in the centre of the oven for 10-15 minutes. Do not open the oven door to check on your masterpiece! When it has a nice, light golden colour it is ready.

-Wrap up the hot sponge using a clean tea towel. Let it cool completely in a shape of roll. This part is extremely important, because it is impossible to wrap up the cooled sponge – it cracks and breaks.

-Remove the parchment paper and fill your Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla sponge with the cooled chestnut cream.

Big thanks to The Insiders for sending me some Betty Crocker baking ingredients to try and have a great half term fun with kids.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Can I Mention The C Word?

Christmas is already around the corner. I love to wear different make-up during Christmas holidays. I love to apply something sparkly and shiny, matching our Christmas Tree. This year I will wear gold! L’Oreal La Belle Famille review panel sent me some exciting new make-up products to try. Since I have Mahogany – Henna hair colour I love to apply warmer colours. Gold matches my hair colour perfectly.

Have a Merry Metal Christmas with my favourite L’Oreal make-up products.

L’Oreal Paris Glow Drops

This is an absolutely must have product. I use it as a highlighter on my cheeks, nose and chin. This highlighting fluid makes me look younger. My face looks firmer because the light sparkle. It is amazing. I apply only a very little drop with my precious Infallible Blush Brush or pat lightly with my fingers. Application is really quick and easy. I can fit it perfectly into my morning routine. Glow Drops have non greasy and light consistency. You can even mix with your foundation to have some extra firm look.

This Ultra Precision Super Liner is ultra-precise. It has very thin brush so perfect lining is very easy. I must buy one in black as well, this will solve all my lining and eyewinging problems. This light gold colour surprisingly highlights my eyes. I thought this colour is invisible on eye lids, but I had a very positive disappointment. My eyes are bigger and bolder with Infallible Metallic Eye Liner. The colour is decent, absolutely appropriate for everyday wear. This ultra-pigmented gold glitter liner does not smudge and lasts all day.

I hesitated quite long time between two colours: Lolita or Pixie. I am very happy I choose the gold Lolita. This colour goes so well with my hair colour. I love to wear it in light layer during the day or I apply some extra layers for more metallic look when I go out. Infallible Metallic Lip Paint has non sticky liquid consistency and ultra-saturated, longwearing formula. The colour does not fade or smudge during the day. Infallible Metallic Lip Paint gives me a confidence.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Pantene Micellar

Supersavvyme website has a great test panel, called Savvycircle. They always have lots of new projects and I love to take part. I love to try new products and be creative.

Now I am spreading the word about my latest brilliant project: Pantene Pro-VMicellar Purify & Nourish shampoo, conditioner and foam.

I love Pantene hair care products and I use micellar water to clean my face so Pantene Micellar is the best match for me. I am sure everybody have to try these hair care products because these are simple perfect.

Of course behind the perfection is a science. Pantene Pro-V Micellar contains Micelles and Antioxidants. These two ingredients cleanse the hair very gently and effectively. Not just excess hair oils and styling residue but even air pollution can cause hair damage. Cleansing is very important, but traditional harsh cleansers leave the hair lifeless and damaged too. Micelles are large water-activated cleansing complexes that target the fibre surface where they absorb excess dirt. Antioxidants are carried within the Micelles. They make hair’s protein structure stronger against environmental damage.

Micellar Shampoo has nice light scent. It is enough to use only a small amount for my long hair because it is very foamy and easy to massage into my hair. It has a silicone-free formula. Micellar shampoo leaves my hair very clean and easy to comb. Hydrates well and leaves my hair strong and grease free for longer time compared to my usual shampoo. Great for all hair types.

This is a nice thick conditioner with a light scent. It hydrates and nourishes my hair. Very easy to wash out and absolutely does not weight my hair down. My hair is clean and soft after the use and very easy to style. I am very satisfied with Micellar Conditioner. It is specially designed for prone to greasy, lifeless hair.

Foam conditioner is a really new thing. This light and airy consistency is just brilliant. So easy to apply and wash off. My hair is silky smooth. This ultra light conditioner never ever weights my hair down. This is even perfect for people with fine and fly away hair. Fights also the humidity well.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

FlexiQule - Surprise Yourself

I am a member of The Insiders Word of mouth Network. I like to take part in their campaigns to test and give my opinion about products. I often try new products which I would not have tried otherwise. Flexiqule herbal food supplement is typically one of those products. I will be honest, the neon blue colour of these pills does not attract me. I love blue colour but not in my mouth. Because in this colour Flexiqule looks quite artificial but after reading the ingredients list, it reveals, this little blue pill is one of the most natural supplements on the market.

All-natural botanic active ingredients are:

-Boswellia Serrata – it is a quite new extract for me, but has been traditionally used in Ayurveda medicine as an anti-arthritic agent. Boswellia helps to maintain healthy joint function, mobility and flexibility.

-Ginger – I do not need to speak a lot about this fantastic ingredient. I love to use ginger as often as possible. It is one of the most beneficial spices. Ginger helps to manage inflammatory response and even has anti-histaminic properties. Extra info for boys: ginger even keeps your prostate healthy.

Alchemlife uses unique PhytoAdvance technology allowing for faster absorption and enhanced bioavailability. This is the background why FlexiQule acts so quickly and joint pain disappears after 1-2 weeks using. Dosage is 2 capsules per day. Boys, do not worry, these soft gel capsules are really easy to swallow.

Alchemlife is a reliable international company with 75 years heritage. They are global leaders in high-quality herbal extracts. It is absolutely safe to consume their food supplements even if those are neon blue. Very eye catching anyway.

Here comes my story, why I have to take food supplements:

First of all, my opinion is, as our everyday food becomes more and more artificial, everybody has to take herbal food supplements, simply because our body needs those. Natural food supplements keep you healthy, and even help to maintain the right body weight. If your body and brain gets all the essential macro and micro nutrients, will not force you to snack. Yes, it is as easy, as it sounds.
I started my healthy lifestyle journey around 6 years ago. I had eating disorders. I usually starved myself to keep myself slim. I was really unhappy and quite depressed. The change came when I bought my first gym membership. I really surprised myself, as I was not sporty before, but I loved to spend my time on weight machines. I find out, body building is the right sport for me. I love to do squats but my knees do not. So I always take food supplements to prevent and cure joint pain and stiffness.
There were lots of changes in my life since then. I even cancelled my gym membership and have my own home gym to be able to do more focused exercise sessions. I also do more cardio to keep my muscle metabolism high. I run 9 km two-three times a week and commute to work by bike. I have quite an active lifestyle so herbal food supplements are essential for me. I must to prevent or cure any pain and discomfort, because there is always another day, and I should be even better and better. FlexiQule helps me to reach my goals.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Brush Up

I have written in my previous post about L’Oreal’s fantastic foundation brush the green True Match Minerals Brush. I loved this brush so much, I tried more L’Oreal make up brushes. This time from Infaillible range. Of course L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille Program helped me to choose the best one.

I have tried L’Oreal Infallible Blush Brush to perfect my contouring skills. I love to finish my make-up with highlighter and some red colours on my cheeks. I feel my make-up is unfinished; grey and lifeless without.
I love my new Infaillible Blusher Brush because it looks professional and my make-up finish looks more professional too. It is really easy and quick to use.
The science behind these high quality Infaillible brushes, that these have ultra-soft and handmade synthetic fibres.

There are six brushes in Infaillible range:
-The Blusher Brush

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Autumn Colour Changes

Summer is already over and everything changes with autumn. I enjoy nature’s autumnal colours so I thought I will change myself a little bit as well. L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille Program supported my plans and sent me three fantastic  and surprising beauty product to test.

I started with my hair colour. I have not dyed my hair very long time ago so it was much needed. I have darker brown hair but sunshine faded the ends and signs of ageing show already too. I chose the Mahogany Henna colour from L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss range. This dye lasts up to 28 shampoos. I can confirm glossy colour lasts very long, does not fade quickly and does not leave your hair lifeless after 2-3 shampooing.

This colour was a huge surprise for me. I wanted just glossy and more even hair colour but Casting Crème Gloss transformed my brown hair to a lively copper shade. First it was a little shock, but now I totally love it and I will try different shades too: Auburn, Golden and Black.
I always wanted to find a hair dye which is easy to use at home and can change my hair colour evenly after first use. I dyed all my hair myself with no mess.
L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss comes with luminising conditioner enriched with royal jelly and delicious fragrance.
Now it is time to buy some Magic Retouch to complete my look.

I change the colour of my foundation three times per year. I use very light colour at winter and darker during summer months because I get a tan easily. Autumn is quite tricky because my shade continuously changes. I have find my perfect autumn colour with L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation. I use rose vanilla. I love this foundation because does not clogs my pores and has matte finish. Sea minerals help me to fight blemishes, my skin is clear since I use True Match Minerals. I apply loose powder with matching L’Oreal True Match Minerals Brush. I also keep my brush clean, because dirty brushes can cause blemishes too. I prefer to use loose powder with brush because it helps me to use only the right amount of foundation. True Match Minerals Brush is very easy to use because has short handle. I am in love with shiny green colour too.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Let Life In

I feel lucky because I was selected to take part in the latest Savvy Circle project. Herbal Essences bio:renew shampoo and conditioner is a fantastic project. I am always keen to try new hair care products and I already have very good experiences with Herbal Essences brand. I love to have a chat about hair care because I have long hair and having healthy and good looking hair is very important for me.

Herbal Essences has a brand-new shampoo and conditioner collection called bio:renew. It makes a big difference because transforms boring hair washing chore for an enjoyable me time ritual. The secret is in herbal essences, these products have delicious and natural aroma – full of fruit and herbs. These contain even natural antioxidant-histidine to remove the build-up of free radicals, such pollution, weather and sun exposure. If you have dull hair blame pollution and try Herbal Essences bio:renew!
There is a solution for every hair types and needs:
-Coconut Milk to hydrate
-Golden Moringa Oil to smooth
-Rosemary & Herbs for moisture

It is impossible to miss Herbal Essences bio:renew range on shop shelves because the bottle design is unique. Colourful but not distracting, modern with a hint of vintage.

I love coconut and coconut scent! These products even contain vanilla and white floral bouquet scent. My hair ends are sometimes dry so I need a good hydration. I wash my hair nearly every day because I do lots of sports. Daily wash can damage ends so a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner like bio:renew Coconut Milk is essential for me.

This is a huge surprise! I choose these for my husband with fine hair to try but I am in love with this bold, relaxing and natural fruity scent. After the first use I must go to shops to buy some grapefruit to eat – my craving was huge. Bio:renew White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint boosts volume so my hair is fantastic without the damaging blow dry or straightening.

This lovely scent is calming with eclectic mix of clean mint, sandal wood, rosemary and herbs. Perfect product for weekend pampering. The shampoo cleanses gently without damaging ends. I love to keep my hair healthy because I do not like to visit hairdressers often. Bio:renew Rosemary & Herbs hydrates and moisturises my hair just in right amount to keep it totally healthy and shiny.