Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Brush Up

I have written in my previous post about L’Oreal’s fantastic foundation brush the green True Match Minerals Brush. I loved this brush so much, I tried more L’Oreal make up brushes. This time from Infaillible range. Of course L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille Program helped me to choose the best one.

I have tried L’Oreal Infallible Blush Brush to perfect my contouring skills. I love to finish my make-up with highlighter and some red colours on my cheeks. I feel my make-up is unfinished; grey and lifeless without.
I love my new Infaillible Blusher Brush because it looks professional and my make-up finish looks more professional too. It is really easy and quick to use.
The science behind these high quality Infaillible brushes, that these have ultra-soft and handmade synthetic fibres.

There are six brushes in Infaillible range:
-The Blusher Brush

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Autumn Colour Changes

Summer is already over and everything changes with autumn. I enjoy nature’s autumnal colours so I thought I will change myself a little bit as well. L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille Program supported my plans and sent me three fantastic  and surprising beauty product to test.

I started with my hair colour. I have not dyed my hair very long time ago so it was much needed. I have darker brown hair but sunshine faded the ends and signs of ageing show already too. I chose the Mahogany Henna colour from L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss range. This dye lasts up to 28 shampoos. I can confirm glossy colour lasts very long, does not fade quickly and does not leave your hair lifeless after 2-3 shampooing.

This colour was a huge surprise for me. I wanted just glossy and more even hair colour but Casting Crème Gloss transformed my brown hair to a lively copper shade. First it was a little shock, but now I totally love it and I will try different shades too: Auburn, Golden and Black.
I always wanted to find a hair dye which is easy to use at home and can change my hair colour evenly after first use. I dyed all my hair myself with no mess.
L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss comes with luminising conditioner enriched with royal jelly and delicious fragrance.
Now it is time to buy some Magic Retouch to complete my look.

I change the colour of my foundation three times per year. I use very light colour at winter and darker during summer months because I get a tan easily. Autumn is quite tricky because my shade continuously changes. I have find my perfect autumn colour with L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation. I use rose vanilla. I love this foundation because does not clogs my pores and has matte finish. Sea minerals help me to fight blemishes, my skin is clear since I use True Match Minerals. I apply loose powder with matching L’Oreal True Match Minerals Brush. I also keep my brush clean, because dirty brushes can cause blemishes too. I prefer to use loose powder with brush because it helps me to use only the right amount of foundation. True Match Minerals Brush is very easy to use because has short handle. I am in love with shiny green colour too.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Let Life In

I feel lucky because I was selected to take part in the latest Savvy Circle project. Herbal Essences bio:renew shampoo and conditioner is a fantastic project. I am always keen to try new hair care products and I already have very good experiences with Herbal Essences brand. I love to have a chat about hair care because I have long hair and having healthy and good looking hair is very important for me.

Herbal Essences has a brand-new shampoo and conditioner collection called bio:renew. It makes a big difference because transforms boring hair washing chore for an enjoyable me time ritual. The secret is in herbal essences, these products have delicious and natural aroma – full of fruit and herbs. These contain even natural antioxidant-histidine to remove the build-up of free radicals, such pollution, weather and sun exposure. If you have dull hair blame pollution and try Herbal Essences bio:renew!
There is a solution for every hair types and needs:
-Coconut Milk to hydrate
-Golden Moringa Oil to smooth
-Rosemary & Herbs for moisture

It is impossible to miss Herbal Essences bio:renew range on shop shelves because the bottle design is unique. Colourful but not distracting, modern with a hint of vintage.

I love coconut and coconut scent! These products even contain vanilla and white floral bouquet scent. My hair ends are sometimes dry so I need a good hydration. I wash my hair nearly every day because I do lots of sports. Daily wash can damage ends so a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner like bio:renew Coconut Milk is essential for me.

This is a huge surprise! I choose these for my husband with fine hair to try but I am in love with this bold, relaxing and natural fruity scent. After the first use I must go to shops to buy some grapefruit to eat – my craving was huge. Bio:renew White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint boosts volume so my hair is fantastic without the damaging blow dry or straightening.

This lovely scent is calming with eclectic mix of clean mint, sandal wood, rosemary and herbs. Perfect product for weekend pampering. The shampoo cleanses gently without damaging ends. I love to keep my hair healthy because I do not like to visit hairdressers often. Bio:renew Rosemary & Herbs hydrates and moisturises my hair just in right amount to keep it totally healthy and shiny.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Paradise Kajal

L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille beauty panel surprised me with Paradise Kajal 3 in 1 pencil. They have it in two colours: black and white. I tried and review Paradise Kajal black.

First I was surprised because this product is thicker than usual eye pencils. It has rather a cone not a slim tip. I thought it could be a little bit difficult to use but I was totally wrong. Paradise Kajal is extremely easy to use to draw perfect eye wings, dramatic lines and even shadows. I can even recommend for inexperienced, beginner make-up users. If you would like to purchase only one eye pencil for every occasions, L’Oreal Paradise 3 in 1 Kajal is designed for you. Holiday make-up bags must contain this versatile beauty product.

Paradise Kajal has a long, chunky tip – no more carving, no more mess, no more broken tip. This tip carves itself whilst using, because has three ways to use.

1.   Eyeliner: with the side of the tip apply a thin line
2.   Kohl: use the tip of the cone and smudge it with your fingertips if needed
3. Eyeshadow: using the side of the tip draw a thick line and blend it with your fingers or a brush

All of the methods above are very easy to apply, because Paradise Kajal 3 in 1 is ultra-creamy and ultra-pigmented. Drawing one line is enough to have a perfect finish.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Revlon Colorstay - Perfect Brows

Revlon Choose Love sampling program sent me Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil to try. I use brow colouring products every day, because my natural eyebrows are invisible. I tried soft black (225) colour and this colour suits me perfectly. Colour choices are always big problems for me because I have warm brown hair with ice cold blue eyes.

Revlon Brow Pencil is very easy and quick to use. This pencil is plastic so luckily does not need to carve. No more mess, no more broken tips. The angled tip helps me to draw perfect shape and the brush helps me to achieve natural look. The colour is long lasting, does not fades or gets greasy and shiny after some hours wearing.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil soft black colour exceeds my expectations. I am sure I will repurchase it. Perfect eye brows always give me confidence.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


There are themes we sometimes feel uncomfortable to speak about. Feminine hygiene is very important for everybody, but it is often hard to start a conversation. It is very important to speak openly about intimate health, care and prevention. The Insiders  - word of mouth Network – sent me some Canesfresh Intimate Care products to try, review and spread a word. They sent me even Myths vs Truth Quiz cards to learn more about feminine care and have some fun with my friends and family members. Some facts were really surprising for me and this little game made me aware, we should take more time to learn about feminine care. Try it yourself too, here are the cards:

My campaign kit contains three fantastic Canesfresh products. All are very useful, pleasantly fragranced, discrete and easy to use.

My favourites are Canesfresh Intimate Wipes, because I can use them anywhere and anytime. I always have one pack in my handbag. These handy small wipes are free from preservatives and alcohol. Are hypoallergenic, but have delicious and discrete fragrance. These wipes help me feel fresh throughout the day, even during my periods. I have one pack in my gym bag as well. Canesfresh Intimate Wipes help to relieve sticky feeling after sport activities or on hot days. The bonus point: These feminine wipes are flushable and biodegradable. Fantastic help also on summer festivals.

Canesfresh Feminine Wash has very nice fragrance and it is hypoallergenic. This gentle refreshing mousse does not contain any preservatives or colourants. I love to use it every day in shower because it is important to rinse thoroughly with water. It keeps the microflora of my intimate area in balance. Intimate are has a Ph more acidic than our skin’s Ph, so it requires different treatments with different cleansing products. Canesfresh Mousse is my favourite everyday feminine wash. I fell so clean, comfortable and refreshed after each use. It really makes a difference.

Canesfresh Soothing Wash Gel is very helpful when my intimate area is more sensitive or I feel discomfort. There is no reason to feel ashamed of it, because it happens with everybody times to times. Otherwise it is very important to know which feminine care products can help and soothe the affected intimate area. 

Canesfresh Soothing Wash Gel helps perfectly by vaginal dryness because does not contain soap, harsh chemicals, preservatives or colourants. This wash gel contains a calming amino acid, glycine. It provides 12 hours comfort and fresh feeling. I use it during my normal shower because it is important to rinse thorough with water. I can recommend this fantastic liquid wash even for older ladies, because it moisturises well. I use it together with Canesfresh Intimate Wipes for better results.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Life is Rosy

I am very surprised, Garnier Rose Water Cleansing Milk is so gentle and removes all my makeup perfectly. I have dry and sensitive skin and must be very careful with cleansing products. Rose Water Cleansing Milk fits with my skin type perfectly.

I love my everyday moisturiser. Garnier Rose Water Moisturiser is an amazing thirst-quenching day cream for my dry skin. My face is totally refreshed after each application. I use it every morning, but sometimes I reapply during the day. This botanical day cream is the best product to moisturise my dry and sensitive skin.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Perfect Fit

Mars Petcare Sampling Programme sent us a bag of Perfect Fit dry cat food to try and give my honest opinion about this new product.
The first impression was really good. When I opened my parcel my cat, Muzu, was extremely excited. This means Perfect Fit dry cat food has very mouth-watering aroma – not for me, but for my picky cat, who always prefers wet food before dry. This dry food is different, because smells really good.

I ordered Perfect Fit Salmon flavour, because my cat prefers fish. She only eats food she loves and luckily she loved Perfect Fit Salmon for Adult cats. She enjoyed chewing on those little triangle shaped cat biscuits. I definitely will repurchase.

I am satisfied with Perfect Fit as well – I always check health benefits. I prefer cat food which helps maintain healthy gums and teeth. Maintaining strong muscles is essential too, because Muzu is very playful. Loves to run, jump and catch moths and butterflies. Perfect Fit fits perfectly to her needs.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Revitalift Laser Renew

Summer is approaching so we can enjoy sunshine again but we should shield skin from sun damage. With ageing our skin gets sun damage and pigmentation easier. Prevention gets more and more important so I started to use L’Oreal revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 with UVA/UVB protection. La Belle Famille product test & review panel sent me one pot of this fantastic anti-ageing day cream to try. I was shocked because the result was visible immediately. My skin became firmer and visibly younger after first application. I have fine lines and dull skin and I am in targeted age – after 30 years old. Revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 is suitable from 30 years old until 60.

Revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 day cream absorbs very quickly and has very lightweight consistency. It does not make my skin oily or shiny just softer. My skin tone more lively and brighter. This product does not just refirms my skin but even refines with gentle exfoliator formula. I advise you to massage revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 into the skin in circular motions to increase the effectiveness. The result is amazing.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Summer Nails

When the summer is approaching I start to wear more colourful clothes, accessories and nails. Elegant Touch Insiders panels let me try two of their fantastic colourful nail creations: Express Pink Foil and Express Neon Roses.

My first choice was the Express Neon Roses creation. I love these neon pink, yellow, orange and blue roses on white base. These are colourful but fine as well. I am so happy to wear these beautiful nails. Second best thing is that these are express preglued artificial nails. First I prepare my own natural nails with Prep Wipe then I peel the foil and press preglued artificial nails. My manicure takes approximately 3 minutes and the result is professional.

Express Pink Foil is an abstract art nail creation. There are two different pink shades, black, silver and light purple patches. Excellent colour mixing. It goes well with any pink clothes but I am happy to wear it with other colours as well because it is not ostentatious. I am so happy with my three minute nails. These preglued nails are so easy and quick to use. These are long lasting as well. The pack contains everything what I need: 24 preglued nails in 10 different sizes, nail file, prep wipe and instruction leaflet. No stress; no mess just professional result.