Sunday, 24 April 2016

Big Day Out 2016

We had very busy day on Sunday, 17th April. We were busy on holiday, because there were so many places to visit and enjoy totally free.

We visited Union Canal Carriers in Braunston to enjoy a free short trip on a skippered boat. The weather was nice and sunny so we had a fantastic journey.

Surrounding is beautiful and the place is quite busy on Sunday. It is the best place to have a walk.

Our next stop was near Nottingham – Ruddington in Framework Knitters Museum. We visited the museum free courtesy of BBC Radio Nottingham's "Big Day Out". They offered free entry to Nottinghamshire museums and heritage attractions. I intended to visit three more places but Framework Knitters Museum was so rich in attractions that we did not have time to more places.

As a proper completion of the day we had a little walk in Attenborough Nature Centre, Nottingham. We met lots of friendly birds – erm – friendly with us but sometimes naughty with each other. 

Friday, 15 April 2016


I took part in Come Round party where as an influencer promoted the new Morphy Richards Atomist vapour iron. I was very lucky to get this fantastic product free and offer on discounted price to my friends. As my follower you can get it 25% cheaper with code ATO25 straight from Morphy Richards website.
Feel free to use this safe link: 

Come Round sent me a perfect party pack to make sure we enjoy the #Atomist party. We definitely did and had a nice time whilst doing chores – ironing.

I was happy to take part in this fantastic campaign, because I love and use Morphy Richards products in my household to make my everyday life easier. My previous iron was Morphy Richard as well. I liked it because it did a good job but this new Atomist is definitely my star. This iron is completely unique to the market. It makes the ironing so much easier and quicker. It redefines the ironing and makes it quite a relaxing job – good music is needed as well ;)



 What is the difference between the Atomist and common irons?

Atomist uses vapour mist instead of steam. The model creates no steam, so it never ever transforms your room into a steam room. It is pleasant to iron even in hot summer day.

If there is no steam there is no lime-scale. The ironing with this model is 100% lime scale free. This clever technology means there will never be any lime-scale build up so it will never need descaling or cleaning. This will keep the iron always performing at its best.

Morphy Richards Atomist Iron uses tap water rather than distilled water. No more cost just buy the iron.

This model is quite pricey, but you can use discount codes. It pays off over time, because it uses less energy and water. It is a long life model, you do not need to replace it because the build up lime-scale. Atomist helps you to do your chores in less time - and time is money.

Atomist is the environmental friendly iron. It uses 80% less water and 75% less energy compared to your average steam generator.

Atomist has glass soleplate. You can see through and you will not make unnecessary creases. It is why this iron makes quicker and better job. This glass soleplate is very light too. It never causes your hands feel tired.

If there is no lime-scale, there are no more lime-scale marks on your freshly washed clothes. I sometimes needed to re-wash my clothes because my old iron left white and yellow lime-scale marks. Then I introduced the colour order: light blues, light pinks, yellows first; then whites followed with darker colours; blacks at the end. It sounds quite fine when you have to iron a great pile of clothes but does not work well when you have only one black trousers and you are late from work on Monday morning. Nightmare! But it is the past I have no more problem with lime-scale with my new Morphy Richards Redefine Atomist Iron.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Afternoon Tea in Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes is the home of British codebreaking and a birthplace of modern information technology. It played a major role in World War Two and now is a flourishing heritage attraction - open seven days a week for a public.

I live in Milton Keynes so this one was our third visit in Bletchley Park. I love to go there because I am very interested in WW II.

We visited the park today because I won a family ticket courtesy of The ticket included afternoon tea too.
They serve afternoon tea in the Dining Room of the Mansion. It is a very popular event so you need to book some days in advance. We enjoyed our tea in a beautiful building with authentic music. They even have gluten and dairy free menu.

There are lots of things to seen and learn in Bletchley Park. Luckily all tickets are seasonal so we can return any time this year. I am sure we will!

Enigma with the code breaking machine

German coding machines

Office work

Propaganda posters are my favourites

Alan Turing by Stephen Kettle

Inland life

Very clever solutions

Life at the front

Remember, always carry your gas mask ;)

Glycolade - Chocolate