Sunday, 10 May 2015

Letterbox 08/05/2015

A very big thank you to Wychwood Brewery for the huge beer tasting kit which I won on their Which brew are you? daily instant win competition. I vote every day for delicious Guilt Edged Gold. The competition is still on until 30th July 2015. There are lots of prizes to win. Visit the the best looking website on the earth and try your luck!


Brighton Foodies Festiaval and more

We visited Brighton on Early May Bank Holiday. I have been lots of time there before but I never had a good time or weather to enjoy this beautiful town.

We decided to visit Brighton because I won one pair of tickets to Foodies Festival from Popcorn Kitchen. (Thanks again!)

The festival was a very good fun with lots of kitchen shows, good food (yummy popcorn), drinks and people. We really enjoyed it.

After visiting the festival we had a good walk on the seaside and got on the Brighton Wheel.

: D