Wednesday, 2 December 2020

My best Triyit box


This is my third and the best Triyit box I have got. Lots of everyday products which I will definitely continue to purchase.

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Granola Fusion is the perfect breakfast for me. It is extremely quick to prepare, packed with fibre, nutritious and delicious. It contains even few chunks of chocolate. My day starts perfectly with Crunchy Nut Granola Fusion mixed with Greek yogurt for an extra protein boost.

I love to finish my exercises with a healthy protein bar for the appropriate recovery. RXbars contain only simple ingredients, like almonds, cashews, dates and egg whites. No bad stuff, no gluten, no added sugar.

When I start to feel peckish at the afternoon I like to drink a small bottle of Cocio Classic Chocolate Milk. It has really nice traditional flavour, just like in my childhood, because contains exactly the same ingredients: milk, sugar and cocoa. No additives!

My followers know, that I do not really like vegetables. I eat them, but I like to hide them, thanks to tricky recipes. ZENB does the same. Their motto is: Food, rediscovered. They make veggie bites, where they blend veggies with fruit and spices to get a delicious snack. I absolutely love it and would like to try all the flavours.

Meaty snacks are also delicious. Jack Link’s Beef Jerkys are unbeatable. They are made the traditional way: thin beef strips are dried and smoked slowly in hot air. Thanks to the thin packaging you can enjoy them on-the go, at work or at home. A bag of Sweet & Hot lean beef jerky and a can of appetising drink makes my evening perfect.

I love premixed cocktails, because they always taste better as my home made. Malibu premixed cans are unbeatable. I tried Malibu & Pineapple which is a very sweet cocktail with a hint of coconut however I still can undoubtedly taste the delicious Malibu spirit. Perfect light drink to enjoy and relax.

Triyit have made even my cat happy. She enjoyed her box of Harringtons dry cat food. Packed with vitamins & minerals and natural ingredients. One happy kitty!

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Batiste Hint of Colour


Ladies and gentlemen I have to reveal I hate washing my hair. However I do it more or less every second day, but I like to cheat. I have found my best pal in sin, Batiste dry shampoo Hint of Colour.

I have been using Batiste for a long time but Hint of Colour was totally new for me. But this is one of the best and most helpful things I discovered this year. A huge thanks to The Insiders panel for sending me all the three colours to try: Brunettes; Blondes and Dark Hair. Really handy because I love to change my hair colour quite often and with my help my friends and family had the chance to fell in love with Batiste Dry Shampoo & A Hint of Colour.

Batiste Hint of Colour refreshes my hair instantly and even helps me to hide my greys and regrowth roots. It does not leave a white residue on my hair however its dark colour does not stain my clothes or make mess in my bathroom. It is a win-win situation.

Every morning when I do not have enough time to wash my hair, I just spray on some Batiste Dark Colour and I am ready to go. It refreshes the roots and gives nice fresh scent. I love it, it saves me lot of time and gives confidence. I will definitely have it with me on holidays, camping and gym. I cannot imagine having long hair without my secret Batiste.  

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm


It was a pleasure to take part in this fantastic Supersavvyme  Savvy Project.

Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm Toothpaste is the pure relief for me. I suffer from tooth sensitivity and I needed instant relief. Luckily I have found Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm and it worked instantly. I like the very mild flavour and in mouth experience.

All my friends and family loved the mild taste of the new Oral B Calm. We love the 50% voucher code too. ;) Amazing on sensitive teeth and gum. No more sore mouth.

Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste gives me back the little joys of life, as enjoying ice cream or hot soup. It is the real relief. My sensitive teeth are strong again.

does not irritate my lips


for the whole family

tube design, looks very modern and advanced

instant relief

Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm is my new favourite toothpaste

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

All Body Beauty Set

This is the beauty set box every woman should get. I bet this is the best present. Beautiful skin from head to toe is possible with this little box containing 9! beauty products. It is amazing, I was over the moon when it arrived. It contains a cordless, easy to hold epilator. Cordless epilator is extremely important for me, because we do not have sockets in our bathrooms and of course I prefer to epilate my sensitive body parts on my own. I can confirm epilating is less painful with this magic sensosmart epilator. Of course I still experience some stinging feeling, but that pain is absolutely bearable. Epilating with Braun is way better than waxing and it is also cleaner and quicker. This set contains even a small very handy face epilator It is small and light, has around 1cm wide head. Perfect for eyebrows and even helps by hormonal changes. If this is not enough both cordless machines have changeable heads for perfect spa experience. I use the face spa electric brush with my favourite anti-ageing serum and the exfoliating brush with my foaming face wash. My daily beauty routine is more enjoyable, quicker and more effective with these handy electric brushes. I have to mention two more parts from this Braun beauty set: the shaver and trimmer to reach and correct even the more outlying fluffs. And the massage pad to finish any satisfying bubble bath. Yes, all the machines are useable wet and dry. This review was collected as part of a promotion. Thanks review panel for sending me this magic box.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Tickled Tastebuds

My second Triyit box, called “Tickled Tastebuds” arrived last week. I had enough time to try all the yummy content and share my adventurous experiences here.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut granola bar is delicious. I tried Cranberry & Nuts but I definitely have to try Chocolate & Nuts too. This is the best quick breakfast when I am late. Or I just enjoy it anytime during the day. It is guilt-free, because it is healthy packed with lots of fibre. No artificial colours or flavours.

Juiceburst drinks are totally new for me but I definitely will continue to purchase. Orange & Carrot is the best wake up juice. It is natural like a freshly squeezed orange juice. It does not contain any nonsense ingredients or extra added sugars, only naturally occurring fruit sugars. It is tasty and refreshing.

Juiceburst Blood Orange is really enjoyable and refreshing. It is full of flavours without any added artificial ingredients. It is made from real oranges, and tastes like real oranges. It also covers 1 of my five a day. I will choose Juiceburst whenever I can in the future.

Graze snacks are creative and flavourful, I have tried more of them. My new favourite is Graze Crunch. Lightly Sea Salted peas, corn and broad beans are delicious and crunchy. It is packed with veg for guilt-free snacking. Graze even helps me with portion control. These small boxes are more than enough.

I am an exercise lover but sometimes I need some extra energy. The best on-the-go nutritional snack is Swisse Me. I tried Mango Me packed with surprising ingredients: Apple, Carrot, Collagen, Magnesium and Turmeric. Perfect pre exercise or even post exercise snack, because contains protein too.

Monday, 12 August 2019

My First Triyit Box

Triyit sent me a box full with new tasty products to try. This product discovery club is fantastic, they are very active and friendly on social media. They are helpful and give the right information about the products.

I love coffee and Starbucks is one of my favourite coffee brands. With the help of Double Shot Espresso my afternoons are more productive and I have more energy for my evening activities. This little can of coffee tastes nice and sweet. It is fair-trade and that is very important for me.

I love cute stuff in my handbag. Cheeky Panda pocket tissues are always with me. It is made from natural bamboo and vegan friendly. I like to choose environmentally friendly goodies even if those are small and everyday things. Cheeky Panda also helps protecting rainforests. I am sure I will repurchase.

Carabao is the tastiest energy drink I tried. This green apple flavour is delicious. More flavour and less sugar, it is what I need. Carabao always gives me extra energy to achieve my goals in my daily sport activities.

Yummy popcorn with surprising savoury flavour. Tomato & Basil! It is like a mixture between pizza and popcorn. Perfect for movie nights, even with the girls. One sachet Retrocorn contains only 100cals.

I love sweet popcorn and I love to try new flavours. Retrocorn Rhubarb & Custard is really delicious. Traditional popcorn is coated with crushed sweets. Gluten free and vegan friendly. I cannot imagine better snack on-the-go.

DRGN is a turmeric superdrink without caffeine. It is the perfect afternoon pickmeup. It has a light citrus flavour with refreshing spring water. DRGN is the perfect supplement after my exercises because contains electrolytes and vitamins. Believe me, this is also the best cure for hangover.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Purina Pro Plan Optisenses

I had been lucky and was selected to take part in The Insiders test panel PurinaPro Plan Optisenses cat food campaign. I was very excited to introduce the new dry cat food to my tabby cat, Muzu. Luckily she had accepted the challenge and tasted her new cat food. Anyway she is very choosy and started to refuse dry cat food in the last few months. I try to persuade her with some tricks (and treats) to eat more dry food to keep her teeth healthy.

Thanks to Purina Optisenses my cat started to eat dry food again. She have find her new dry food as tempting that she is happy to eat it even instead of treats. If she refuses to eat her usual wet food I just sprinkle some Optisenses on the top and the food immediately becomes delicious for her. This trick even helps me to save money – no more cat food waste.
Purina Optisenses is the right dry cat food for us. I love even the bag, because it has an extra holder on the side so it is easier and more punctual to pour. I do not end up with dry cat food everywhere. One more plus point for the resealable grip, which keeps dry food completely fresh and full of aroma. My cat refuses to eat old cat food without tempting aroma.

Surprisingly Optisenses contains quite small biscuits – I rather call it “cat rice”. Honestly, at first I was a little bit worried that my fussy eater cat would not chew them properly and she will end up with upset tummy. Luckily Purina Optisenses has the right sizes so my cat have not experienced indigestion since she is on her new food.
Luckily Purina Optisenses is not just tasty and satisfying but has even unique health benefits. It supports the body and the mind equally well. Thanks to omega 3 fatty acids, arginine, B vitamins and selected antioxidants.
I am so happy, because my cat is more active since she eats Optisenses daily. She enjoys her life and indoor cat toys, she plays with us more often and sleeps less. Even her eyes are remarkably more lively.