Wednesday, 25 March 2020

All Body Beauty Set

This is the beauty set box every woman should get. I bet this is the best present. Beautiful skin from head to toe is possible with this little box containing 9! beauty products. It is amazing, I was over the moon when it arrived. It contains a cordless, easy to hold epilator. Cordless epilator is extremely important for me, because we do not have sockets in our bathrooms and of course I prefer to epilate my sensitive body parts on my own. I can confirm epilating is less painful with this magic sensosmart epilator. Of course I still experience some stinging feeling, but that pain is absolutely bearable. Epilating with Braun is way better than waxing and it is also cleaner and quicker. This set contains even a small very handy face epilator It is small and light, has around 1cm wide head. Perfect for eyebrows and even helps by hormonal changes. If this is not enough both cordless machines have changeable heads for perfect spa experience. I use the face spa electric brush with my favourite anti-ageing serum and the exfoliating brush with my foaming face wash. My daily beauty routine is more enjoyable, quicker and more effective with these handy electric brushes. I have to mention two more parts from this Braun beauty set: the shaver and trimmer to reach and correct even the more outlying fluffs. And the massage pad to finish any satisfying bubble bath. Yes, all the machines are useable wet and dry. This review was collected as part of a promotion. Thanks review panel for sending me this magic box.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Tickled Tastebuds

My second Triyit box, called “Tickled Tastebuds” arrived last week. I had enough time to try all the yummy content and share my adventurous experiences here.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut granola bar is delicious. I tried Cranberry & Nuts but I definitely have to try Chocolate & Nuts too. This is the best quick breakfast when I am late. Or I just enjoy it anytime during the day. It is guilt-free, because it is healthy packed with lots of fibre. No artificial colours or flavours.

Juiceburst drinks are totally new for me but I definitely will continue to purchase. Orange & Carrot is the best wake up juice. It is natural like a freshly squeezed orange juice. It does not contain any nonsense ingredients or extra added sugars, only naturally occurring fruit sugars. It is tasty and refreshing.

Juiceburst Blood Orange is really enjoyable and refreshing. It is full of flavours without any added artificial ingredients. It is made from real oranges, and tastes like real oranges. It also covers 1 of my five a day. I will choose Juiceburst whenever I can in the future.

Graze snacks are creative and flavourful, I have tried more of them. My new favourite is Graze Crunch. Lightly Sea Salted peas, corn and broad beans are delicious and crunchy. It is packed with veg for guilt-free snacking. Graze even helps me with portion control. These small boxes are more than enough.

I am an exercise lover but sometimes I need some extra energy. The best on-the-go nutritional snack is Swisse Me. I tried Mango Me packed with surprising ingredients: Apple, Carrot, Collagen, Magnesium and Turmeric. Perfect pre exercise or even post exercise snack, because contains protein too.

Monday, 12 August 2019

My First Triyit Box

Triyit sent me a box full with new tasty products to try. This product discovery club is fantastic, they are very active and friendly on social media. They are helpful and give the right information about the products.

I love coffee and Starbucks is one of my favourite coffee brands. With the help of Double Shot Espresso my afternoons are more productive and I have more energy for my evening activities. This little can of coffee tastes nice and sweet. It is fair-trade and that is very important for me.

I love cute stuff in my handbag. Cheeky Panda pocket tissues are always with me. It is made from natural bamboo and vegan friendly. I like to choose environmentally friendly goodies even if those are small and everyday things. Cheeky Panda also helps protecting rainforests. I am sure I will repurchase.

Carabao is the tastiest energy drink I tried. This green apple flavour is delicious. More flavour and less sugar, it is what I need. Carabao always gives me extra energy to achieve my goals in my daily sport activities.

Yummy popcorn with surprising savoury flavour. Tomato & Basil! It is like a mixture between pizza and popcorn. Perfect for movie nights, even with the girls. One sachet Retrocorn contains only 100cals.

I love sweet popcorn and I love to try new flavours. Retrocorn Rhubarb & Custard is really delicious. Traditional popcorn is coated with crushed sweets. Gluten free and vegan friendly. I cannot imagine better snack on-the-go.

DRGN is a turmeric superdrink without caffeine. It is the perfect afternoon pickmeup. It has a light citrus flavour with refreshing spring water. DRGN is the perfect supplement after my exercises because contains electrolytes and vitamins. Believe me, this is also the best cure for hangover.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Purina Pro Plan Optisenses

I had been lucky and was selected to take part in The Insiders test panel PurinaPro Plan Optisenses cat food campaign. I was very excited to introduce the new dry cat food to my tabby cat, Muzu. Luckily she had accepted the challenge and tasted her new cat food. Anyway she is very choosy and started to refuse dry cat food in the last few months. I try to persuade her with some tricks (and treats) to eat more dry food to keep her teeth healthy.

Thanks to Purina Optisenses my cat started to eat dry food again. She have find her new dry food as tempting that she is happy to eat it even instead of treats. If she refuses to eat her usual wet food I just sprinkle some Optisenses on the top and the food immediately becomes delicious for her. This trick even helps me to save money – no more cat food waste.
Purina Optisenses is the right dry cat food for us. I love even the bag, because it has an extra holder on the side so it is easier and more punctual to pour. I do not end up with dry cat food everywhere. One more plus point for the resealable grip, which keeps dry food completely fresh and full of aroma. My cat refuses to eat old cat food without tempting aroma.

Surprisingly Optisenses contains quite small biscuits – I rather call it “cat rice”. Honestly, at first I was a little bit worried that my fussy eater cat would not chew them properly and she will end up with upset tummy. Luckily Purina Optisenses has the right sizes so my cat have not experienced indigestion since she is on her new food.
Luckily Purina Optisenses is not just tasty and satisfying but has even unique health benefits. It supports the body and the mind equally well. Thanks to omega 3 fatty acids, arginine, B vitamins and selected antioxidants.
I am so happy, because my cat is more active since she eats Optisenses daily. She enjoys her life and indoor cat toys, she plays with us more often and sleeps less. Even her eyes are remarkably more lively.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Perrier & Juice

My latest The Insiders campaign have been a pure pleasure. I have got 24 cans of Perrier & Juice. It did not lasted long, because these soft drinks are delicious and irresistible.

Perrier is fantastic mineral water so I was really excited to try Perrier & Juice
Pineapple & Mango is my favourite flavour. This light juice drink has the perfect proportion of light bubbliness, fruity sweetness and sourness. I totally love it, pineapple is my favourite fruit. Perrier had chosen the best fruit pairs to squeeze into his lively cans.

Peach & Cherry contains merely juice from concentrate and mineral water. For me the most important is, there are not any artificial sweeteners in my drinks. I rather choose fruit sugar than sweetener. Healthy ingredients are very important for me. This flavour is really refreshing and even perfect ingredient for cocktails or mocktails.

Strawberry & Kiwi are the best fruit to pair. One is really sweet and another is sour. I love this flavour extravaganza diluted with mineral water. It really reminds me of summer. It contains only 50 calories, so guilt free enjoyment – of course, solely after my salad lunch. ;) 

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Iams for Vitality

Before I had started this new trnd campaign I was quite disappointed by Iams for Vitality cat food. My cat tried Iams before because I had heard so many positive feedbacks, mostly about the health benefits. It happened around two years ago and my cat, Muzu, refused to eat it. (Anyway stray cats were over the moon.) Some weeks ago I saw trnd had started a new Iams campaign. I had read the description and decided to give one more chance to Iams dry cat food. And, YES, this time I was successful and my cat loves her new food.

Even the packaging is different, so I think, the ingredients changed a little as well. I love the new re-sealable zipper, because it keeps the aroma inside the bag and ensures each meal is as fresh as possible. Freshness is really important for the developers of Iams. If you tried Iams like me before, then search the new white packaging and let’s try it. I am very impressed with the list of ingredients: 91% animal proteins, like fresh chicken; light in fat; wheat free; with no fillers, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs. I am not surprised why my cat prefers Iams for Vitality over human food, even if it is battered fish. There are two types of food for my cat, one she loves and other she refuses even to sniff. Look at this photo:

Iams dry cat food comes in four flavours: Fresh Chicken; Lamb; Ocean Fish; Freshly Frozen Salmon. Ocean Fish and Chicken are Muzu’s two favourites.

Supporting my cat’s health and vitality is one of my biggest responsibility. I am so happy Iams does the hard work for me and has the right ingredients. This cat food is perfect for any cat with any personality. Vitamin D and minerals keep the bones strong and healthy for longer time. Omega 3 and 6 is essential for healthy skin and shiny coat. Antioxidants and Vitamin E are perfect immune system supporters. Prebiotics and beet pulp maintains healthy digestion. Iams for Vitality even helps to reduce hairball formulation. Tailored mineral levels and crunchy kibbles keep the teeth strong. Animal proteins maintain strong muscles. At least but not last all these fantastic ingredients help to maintain healthy heart.

Get Ready With Me - Temporary Hair Transformations

L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille beauty panel always helps me to get my best look. This time they sent me two hair colourants which I can combine to get my best look.
I start my hair care routine with L’Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Grey Concealer Brush and finish with L’Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup Shimmers in copper gold colour.

My grey hair is quite a big problem for me. I have few scattered greys and one bigger patch. I started to dye my hair because my greys but I need something to hide my greys between two hair colouring. I am pleased, I have found L’Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Grey Concealer Brush. It takes me only 5 minutes after each hair washing to get back my young looking hair. 

The colour lasts until shampooed out. This colour does not stains skin, easy to remove with water. The precision brush is very handy, it is rather a mini comb. After catching greys with the mini comb I use my normal comb to distribute the colour evenly. Really quick and easy operation, it is even quicker than applying mascara. Anyway L’Oreal Magic Retouch exactly looks like a mascara. It is easy to carry in handbags or makeup bags. I can have it with me everywhere.

I am a brunette but from time to time I like to have some bold strands without long lasting highlights. I just would like to make a change for one evening. Luckily L’Orealsells hair make-up, which completely fades in one shampoo. This range have been made for brunettes only. Lucky me! This shimmery copper gold colour is beautiful. I apply it in good amount with my fingertips without gloves. It absolutely does not strain the skin – including nail beds. I just wash my hands afterwards. I comb a little while still wet to help spread the colour evenly. This colour has a texture so do not over brush. For the perfect result combine L’Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup Shimmers with hairdos like loose plaits. One more thing! This product has delicious fragrance. 2-in-1 hair makeup and hair scent.