Sunday, 21 February 2016

Santa Pod Raceway - The Unforgettable Experience

We visited Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton last Saturday. I was lucky enough to win a whole family ticket to Stunt Fest.

I like cars, so I was sure I will enjoy this show, but my enjoyment was bigger as I expected. Santa Pod Raceway is an unforgettable experience. If you have not been there you must visit it!

Gates open after 10 am but the show in the Live Action Arena starts after midday. There are plenty of things to do before the big show. I advise you to try everything before the show because the show is very dynamic and there is only one interval.

What can you experience on your skin before the main show begins:

-     Monster Truck Rides and Mini Monster Truck Rides (there is endless queue, you must wait minimum 30 minutes to try the Red Dragon)

-         Fun Fair Rides

-         Drift Rides (I went just 3 round but I enjoyed it a lot)

-         Drift Trikes

-         Car Displays

The main attraction lasts more than 3 hours and it is extremely interesting. Just watch my videos and enjoy the voice – unfortunately you cannot smell burned tyres.

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