Monday, 18 December 2017

Refreshment Revolution

Sometimes I find soft drinks too sweet and absolutely not refreshing. Not only sugary ones (I drink those before exercise to boost my energy – really helpful) but even with sweeteners. Often soft drink with sweeteners are even worse. I drink those and I still feel thirsty, with dry mouth. I always dreamt about a nice flavoured, fruity soft drink with almost no calories and without sugar or sweeteners. These criteria appear quite contrary, but with Perrier it is possible. The refreshment revolution is here!

The Insiders review panel sent me two cartons of Perrier natural sparkling water with natural flavours to try.

After reading the ingredients lists I was really surprised because Perrier soft drinks absolutely do not contain any sweeteners or sugar just a hint of natural green apple or lemon flavour. I cannot imagine healthier and more guilt free soft drinks. Boring, flavourless water become flavoured with no added nastiness– fantastic. Luckily, flavours are not overpowering, just a nice light fruity feeling in my mouth. I love it!

Refreshment is guaranteed with big bubbles - fortified with gas from the Spring.

I always have one 6 pack in my fridge, because Perrier flavoured drinks are the best during and after my exercises, running, cycling and even on long walks or on the go. Perrier always satisfies my sweet cravings. Green Apple is my favourite flavour.

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