Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Garnier Ultimate Blends Body

I am so pleased BzzAgent.co.uk selected me to take part in their Garnier Ultimate Blends Body BzzCampaign. I love and trust Garnier products. I always have some in my bathroom – shampoos, conditioners, face care, body care – they make everything what I need.

BzzAgent offered me Four Ultimate options:

Delicate Oat for dry and sensitive skin 

A gentle blend of oat cream and almond milk oil, carefully tailored to soothe and restore sensitive skin. I tried it myself too. Has a nice light consistence.

Mythic Olive for “just” dry skin

An authentic Mediterranean scent made from a powerful elixir of extra virgin olive oil to nourish and hydrate dry skin. I like especially the Mythic Olive Nourishing lotion, because it leaves my skin irresistibly silky. Even the bottle has calming and warm green colour.

Marvellous Oils for Normal Skin types
Even normal skin needs daily pick up to decelerate aging.
This precious mixture of argan and camelia oil is a wonderful ritual to help keep skin hydrated and soft.

Honey Treasures for Very Dry Skin

Very dry skin is a thing of the past thanks to three treasures from the beehive to nourish and restore.

I suffer with dry skin since my childhood so I decided to choose Honey Treasures.

I tried nearly the whole range since my trial started because I cannot live without my daily moisturiser. And I have found lots of good offers in stores.

My BzzKit contained 2 money off vouchers to give my friends; creamy Honey Treasures Restoring Lotion and rich Honey Treasures Restoring Butter.

The first product I tried from the range was Honey Treasures Restoring Lotion. It is Garnier’s most restoring blend for very dry skin. And it works! I use it every day for glowing and healthy skin. I use washing glows in hot bath before applying body lotion. I exfoliate dead skin cells for best penetration and absorption of essential ingredients.  This tailor made formula containing 3 treasures from the beehive: propolis, royal jelly & honey. For best results I use it daily, massaging thoroughly into my skin. I use this rich and creamy lotion before bed. It penetrates instantly, so it is suitable to use any time during the day - you can get dressed immediately. On application, skin is immediately soothed and used daily; skin feels softer and more supple day after day. The bottle comes with a pump which helps you keep your environment tidy. The fragrance is delicious with honey and light floral scents.

My parcel contained Honey Treasures Restoring Butter too.
Wind and cold extremely dries out my skin. It is very important to use the right body care products.  I use Garnier Ultimate Blends body butter with honey. Garnier gives me back my soft and healthy skin. Instantly restores and soothes. It contains propolis, royal jelly & honey. These ingredients are perfect on dry skin.
I love the honey and light floral fragrance. I pamper myself with this fantastic product mostly on quiet weekends when I have enough time to massage my whole body.

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