Friday, 8 April 2016


I am a BzzAgent at and one of my favourite BzzCampaign was Danone Danio Yoghurt.

I love to get coupons for products which I definitely love. Danio yoghurt is one of them.
I know the product before, because I got some coupons from Danio Facebook website to try them.  Danio was free even on casback sites (Quidco; CheckoutSmart; TopCashback) some weeks ago. I love Danio, because it is very thick, very high in protein and tasty.

Very thick yoghurts are my favourites from my childhood. I realised in my teens, that thick yoghurts contains more fat and more calories so I decided to buy thin 0% fat yoghurts. I was sure only fat makes the yoghurt thick.

What a big surprise and sensation! Danone Danio contains either 0% fat or low fat and is the thickest yoghurt what I have ever seen.
The secret behind Danio’s super thickness is that it is made with Danone’s strained yogurt recipe, which uses more milk than standard yogurts. The straining process extracts the whey, which is mostly water, and leaves behind a thick yogurt that is high in protein.

Proteins are very important for me as well. I have never seen a yoghurt with so high protein content before. There are 8g proteins in one 150g pot. I can eat it before or after my exercises instead of a protein shake. I can bring it with me to the gym. I can save money on food supplements.
It is always a big question what to eat after and before the workout. The best choice is a food high in proteins and carbs. Danio yoghurt is the best, easy and quick to eat. It has just the perfect size. I usually do my exercises quite late evening. I do not have time to eat a proper meaty meal after it. I always eat one or two pots of Danio instead of a protein bar after my workout. I like it, because it has low Glycemic Index, it keeps me full longer containing real ingredients. Danio is yoghurt, not processed food supplement. I sometimes upgrade the protein level with some unflavoured whey protein powder. It has very intensive fruity taste which perfectly hides the not very tasty protein powder.

I know it is very important to eat lots of protein because with aging our body use their own muscles to reduce the energy consumption. Older people need more protein to force their body to keep muscles. The life is very painful and slows down with a week muscle mass. It leads even to obesity. We should eat enough calcium and protein to have healthy bones and joints. These things are lifelong goals.

I love yoghurts and I eat 1 or 2 pots nearly every day, because they are the best healthy snacks. I must confess I love snacking and I do not want to give up. There is the only problem, snacks are often unhealthy and make me hungry for more snacks. Danio contains lots of protein and real ingredients and it is a very healthy dairy product. Protein keeps me full longer. I can snack without feeling guilty. It sounds as a dream!

I love low fat yoghurts and low sugar yoghurts because they contain less calorie than other yoghurts. Danio is exactly the best for me. 1 pot contains 125kcal to 159kcal, it depends on fruit.

Now I buy more Danios than any other low fat yoghurt. 

-All of these yoghurts contain nearly 0% of fat, but Danio remains thick and creamy. I love the texture better.

-Danio contains more proteins. It is very important, because I do lots of exercises and I focus on building muscles. I fuel my muscles with proteins and healthy carbohydrates as fruits. 1 pot of Danio contains 8g proteins. 1 pot of typical yoghut contains 4g proteins.

-I find typical yoghurt pots too small (120g). Danio in 150g pots suits better to my needs.

-Danio is full with hand-picked fruits, so has better fruity taste. I love to chew on big fruit pieces.

You can choose from four flavours:

-STRAWBERRY - Strawberry yoghurt flavour is very traditional. I cannot imagine a yoghurt range without the strawberry one. I love the big hand-picked fruit pieces in Danio. You can be always sure you eat real fruit.

-PASSIONFRUIT - Passion fruit danio has very nice exotic smell and taste. I love the big seeds with specific health benefit too.

-CHERRY – You can never go wrong with cherry danio. It is the perfect ingredient in any desserts. I can eat it any time, it is delicious.

-BLUEBERRY– The other traditional flavour is the blueberry one. I must confess I do not like blueberries. Thanks for the free coupons and this BzzReview I forced myself to try the blueberry flavour too. It is tasty and smells so nice. I love blueberry danio now and it is my favourite.

I am totally addicted to Danio and there always should be some pots in my fridge.

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