Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Holiday packing with BzzAgent

Holiday season has officially begun already. Everybody is off to beach holidays. My holiday is nearly here. I love holidays – I enjoy them as well as one little child. But I really hate holiday packing. It requires so much thinking to find the perfect products to take with us. I am always in trouble which body lotion to choose. It must be:


-fast absorbing – I would wear my little black dress after application

-safely packaged, I do not want to have spilled lotion everywhere after packing out in the hotel without a washing machine

-light consistency

-man friendly – hubby can use it when he suffers from sunburn ;)
-designed for dry skin

-small size

-long lasting protection

-fragrance free

BzzAgent helped me a lot this year because I had two skin cream themed BzzCampaigns where I tried three products for free. All of them were designed for dehydrated skin. Believe me on beach holidays everybody suffers from dehydrated skin.
BzzAgent offered me two E45 body lotion sprays to choose from:

I knew after first trying my holiday body lotion will be E45 derma protect this year. This brilliant product has all of the attributes what I need on beach holiday and even more. I absolutely love it, it is far better than I expected.

First I must confess I absolutely did not believe E45 spray lotions absorb quickly and do not leave my skin greasy. I have very dry skin, but was afraid to choose E45 Recovery Moisturising Spray for very dry skin, because I thought it will leave my skin extremely sticky. So my choice fell to E45 Derma Protect Moisturising Spray for sensitive skin. I directly tried it before bed on weekend. It is easier to cope with greasiness when you are at home in pyjamas.

The experience was shocking. E45 spray moisturisers are the lightest moisturisers in the market. They have rather milky light, liquid consistency. I tried to use my spray as graffiti on my skin to make some extra specious photos, but it was impossible because the liquid like consistency. It absorbs as quickly as water and absolutely does not leave the skin greasy. On the other site it perfectly moisturises and even calms irritated skin. I use hair removal creams on my arms and legs, which leaves my skin itchy and full with red dots – allergic reaction. E45 IntenseRecovery Moisturising Spray immediately calms my irritated skin down and no spot is visible after one hour. The formula is specifically designed to help to replenish the skin's natural barrier. Suitable even for Eczema prone skin.
E45 moisturising sprays contain 200ml of lotion, but it is enough for long time, because you have to use fewer amounts. It is very easy to spread thanks to milky consistency. Even men can use it easily on hairy surfaces.

Before using this fantastic product I did not like spray lotions. I have found them very messy to use. I preferred pump. E45 spays work as clean as pumps. The lotion contacts only whit surfaces you really want to. It does not leave the bathroom full with greasy, slippery dots.

I love E45 Derma Protect Moisturising Spray and would like to try E45 Intense Recovery too. I know I will not be disappointed.

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