Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My well-loved Oral B Smart Series 5000 Cross Action

I absolutely love my new Oral B Smart Series 5000 electric toothbrush. I have got it free courtesy of website. The product is new on the market I was one of the first lucky persons to try it. I love it! It changed my rather boring brushing for a great fun.

I can connect it with my smartphone via Bluetooth. It means, I can check my brushing motions during the cleaning process. I can use the built in timer and guide for a better wash. It allows me to track my brushing habits weekly and monthly. I can learn more about my brushing and customise brushing modes according my needs and preferences. It is fantastic; I can have my individual electric toothbrush which helps to achieve the best result.

Oral B Smart Series Cross Action is sold with three different heads:

-       3D White for brilliant clean and polished teeth

-        Crossaction is the most popular head

-        Sensitive Clean is extremely gently with painful gums and teeth (luckily since I stopped with eating lots of sugary food my teeth sensitivity has gone and comes back only after a lazy weekend)

You can even upgrade your brushing studio with three more different heads: Flossaction, Precision Clean and Tri Zone. I have not tested these now, but must try.

I use the Crossaction head which is designed for precise clean. Lifts and powers away plaque. It is small enough to reach all my teeth preciously. It even gentle and massages my gums. It is very powerful but never makes my gums bleeding.

Not only the heads but the handle is very interesting and have new features. There is a red light on the handle which indicates when I brush too hard. I needed this feature so much because I outwear a totally new brush head in 3-4 weeks. I know it is not good for my teeth and can make them sensitive. Oral B Smart toothbrush is the only one which can help me and teach me to good brushing technics. I am really grateful for this big help.
The handle shows even the charging level and flashing red light comes out when you should use the premium charger. It makes it totally impossible that the toothbrush stops working in your mouth. I love this feature so much.

I will use my Oral B Smart Series 5000 electric toothbrush on my holidays too, because it has a very handy travel case in the box, not just a little plastic to hide the brush but a perfect, comfortable and protective case.

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