Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Elegant Touch

I am a proud member in a new product reviewing panel – Insiders Elegant Touch. I had the opportunity to try three boxes of Elegant Touch false nails for free. Brilliant, I love beautiful nails.

The first kit I tried is Elegant Touch After Dark Limited Edition Chrome Crazy. My first impression was positive, but the colour of the nails is a little bit different from the picture. I thought there are even blue glitters but all the glitters are silver and holographic, so it calls Chrome Crazy. The base of the nails is clear. Anyway looks extremely elegant I can recommend even for weddings.

The Chrome Crazy kit contains glue, mini buffer and information leaflet. It is really easy to apply. The pack contains 24 nails in 10 sizes. Everybody can find the perfect fit. It is very comfortable to wear. It has a long stiletto shape, but I can recommend even as everyday wear. No extreme length no extreme sharpness just glam look.

My second kit has the name Rosie Bea Nails (Top Beauty Vlogger). It has beautiful deep marina colour. I love dark nails, so this very dark blue is one of my favourites. The colour is as beautiful in reality as on the website. It is perfect to wear for any occasion in any season. Just put it on when you like it. It goes well with any style and colour. You cannot go wrong with Rosie Bea Marina. The shape is a short stiletto, very comfortable, never makes you any difficulties in everyday life.

The Rosie Bea Marina kit contains 24 nails in 10 sizes, glue and mini buffer. Very easy to attach and lasts quite long.

Elegant Touch Express is the perfect false nail kit for first users. I recommend to start and practise with Express and try other types later. It is a 3 minute manicure, because you do not need to use glue. No mess! No stress! No glue! All the 24 nails are preglued and have short flattering shapes. Perfect new look. It is just like a nail polish but it is quicker to apply and last longer without a chipping and fading. The kit contains Prep Wipe for even longer lasting.

The Express Garnet Glitter colour fits perfectly with the pictures. These nails have black base with sultry mix of red and pink glitters. It gives a decent dark look, no wonder why Elegant Touch Express Garnet Glitter is my hubby’s and my favourite.

For perfect look always make proper manicure before applying false nails. Uncared for and dry cuticles can ruin any look. Here is a little video how I look after my nails and cuticles.

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