Sunday, 25 December 2016

Nescafe Original Red Lid

I love the website because they know exactly which BzzCampaign is suitable for me. I was selected to take part in the Nescafe Original 2016 campaign. I was very happy because I love coffee since my childhood. I love everything with coffee flavour: cakes, ice creams, cappuccinos etc.

Nescafe was always my favourite because the very rich flavour but now it has extremely strong and pleasant coffee aroma. When somebody opens a Nescafe jar everybody can smell the delicious aroma and are happy to join for a good cup of coffee. Nescafe brings people together. It is a true social coffee.

My free BzzKit contained a big jar of Nescafe Original and a branded red Nescafe mug. I love mugs!

When I searched for more information about my preferred coffee on the website I realised, that Nescafe offers more than 30 varieties of coffee drinks to try. Huge amount, isn’t it?

This new Nescafe campaign is about Nescafe Original with new red lid. The eye-catching red lid signifies more than a colour change. The coffee itself is produced by exclusive double filter technology which helps to capture richest flavour and aroma. Nescafe Original with red lid preserves more significant notes from freshly grounded coffee than Nescafe with brown lid. I love it so much. Even the aroma wakes me up. Nescafe Original red lid is perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

It is very important to tell, that Nescafe Original is Fair Trade. Nescafe supports coffee farmers to use more responsible farming practices to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy a delicious cup of Nescafe. It is made of 100% Robusta and Arabica beans. I totally understand why it is the Nation’s Favourite Coffee (GLOBAL Data (IRI + KWP), Volume Sales, 52w/e 16th July 2016).

NescafeOriginal tastes delicious and perfect when it is cold and frosty outside. I always dream about holidays and harmony when I drink it. It warms my body and soul. It helps me relax and regenerate.
I often serve Nescafe Original to my guests because it has delicious aroma and helps to make the perfect festive atmosphere. I even make Nescafe ice cubes to serve with Irish cream liquor. It looks lush and tastes delicious. I like to be creative with high quality ingredients.

I love coffee and I have my 3-4 daily coffees. Nescafe Original is my favourite. Since participating it this fantastic BzzCamapign my view have changed a little bit about Nescafe. I have a bigger respect towards the brand, because they care a lot about their customer’s needs. As I see they sell original, decaf, skinny, flavoured coffees and cappuccinos. Everybody can find his own favourite.

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