Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Pantene Micellar

Supersavvyme website has a great test panel, called Savvycircle. They always have lots of new projects and I love to take part. I love to try new products and be creative.

Now I am spreading the word about my latest brilliant project: Pantene Pro-VMicellar Purify & Nourish shampoo, conditioner and foam.

I love Pantene hair care products and I use micellar water to clean my face so Pantene Micellar is the best match for me. I am sure everybody have to try these hair care products because these are simple perfect.

Of course behind the perfection is a science. Pantene Pro-V Micellar contains Micelles and Antioxidants. These two ingredients cleanse the hair very gently and effectively. Not just excess hair oils and styling residue but even air pollution can cause hair damage. Cleansing is very important, but traditional harsh cleansers leave the hair lifeless and damaged too. Micelles are large water-activated cleansing complexes that target the fibre surface where they absorb excess dirt. Antioxidants are carried within the Micelles. They make hair’s protein structure stronger against environmental damage.

Micellar Shampoo has nice light scent. It is enough to use only a small amount for my long hair because it is very foamy and easy to massage into my hair. It has a silicone-free formula. Micellar shampoo leaves my hair very clean and easy to comb. Hydrates well and leaves my hair strong and grease free for longer time compared to my usual shampoo. Great for all hair types.

This is a nice thick conditioner with a light scent. It hydrates and nourishes my hair. Very easy to wash out and absolutely does not weight my hair down. My hair is clean and soft after the use and very easy to style. I am very satisfied with Micellar Conditioner. It is specially designed for prone to greasy, lifeless hair.

Foam conditioner is a really new thing. This light and airy consistency is just brilliant. So easy to apply and wash off. My hair is silky smooth. This ultra light conditioner never ever weights my hair down. This is even perfect for people with fine and fly away hair. Fights also the humidity well.

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