Sunday, 20 December 2015

Pasta bake with a twist - hide your veggies

Tesco Orchard project gave me an opportunity to try the Beautifully Balanced Frozen Food range from Tesco on discounted price. This means lots of veggies in my meals.


I have to confess I do not like veggies. But I know they are extremely important in healthy cooking and eating. My strategy is: hide the veggies. Add some spinach and Tesco Chunky Tomato Pasta Sauce to your pasta bake. Greens and chunks would be invisible and the result would be as tasty or maybe tastier as before. I am a cheater but it is good for my body.




Ingredients for 8 portions:



-3 small jars of pasta sauces (Dolmio, Barilla)

-400g Fusilli (200 – 200 in each bowl)

-750g ground meat (I use pork)

-1 bag Tesco Beautifully Balanced Chunky Tomato Pasta Sauce

-handful of spinach






-Brown ground meat


-Add 3 bottles of sauces and 30ml extra water (very important for cooking the pasta)




 -Cook together, do not need to boil




 -Put 200g pasta, cut spinach, half of the Chunky Tomato Pasta Sauce in each bowl




 -Pour in the cooked sauce




-Cover with Bacofoil




-Cook in the oven for 45 minutes on gas mark 180







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