Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Unbelievable Sure Compresed Cotton Fresh Deodorant

I used Sure Compressed deodorant since two months. I have received it in my BzzKit from BzzAgent.com and tried the product for free.  I received one normal big can (250ml) and the half sized compressed can. I used them the same time to bring to light which one last longer. I used them more times during the day. One bottle of big Sure 250ml is enough for one month and the surprise is that one bottle of Sure Compressed deodorant 125ml is enough for one month as well. Wow, amazing! So the new nozzle that sprays out less gas but the same amount of antiperspirant really works!


Sure Compressed BzzCampaign was my most successful campaign ever. I have never got so many messages and questions about a campaign as Sure Compressed. Everybody was extremely curious. 90% of my friends and family members answered NO for the question: Do you believe Sure Compressed last aslong as a big can? The result was shocking, because the small can really last as long as the big one.

I remember there was a big campaign against deodorants in cans when I was pupil. The campaign pointed out, that using deodorants in cans emit the same CO2 as cars.

Sure Compressed Deodorant has a re-engineered spray system which has let us reduce the amount of gas needed to deliver the same amount of protective ingredient with every spray.

If all of the 3 billion aerosol deodorants sold every year were compressed, we could save 21,000 tonnes of aluminium. That is enough to make 10 million bikes. Make bikes not cans! Peace 

Sure Cotton Fresh has other very pleasant good properties too. I am in love with the Cotton Fresh fragrance. It is pleasant and very long lasting. You do not need to use perfumes with this deodorant.
The packaging with an intelligent nozzle contains less gas so the spray feels definitely softer.  I love this because does not irritate my freshly shaved armpits. Sure deodorant is very gentle to my skin. It is very important for me, because I have very dry skin.
The texture is creamy, but dries quickly and does not left white marks. I wear usually dark colours so I had lots of trouble with deodorant marks in the past.
Now I use my antiperspirants before bed to be fresh next day, because it gives me more protection. I close the follicles straight after showering.

The bottle is smaller so it is easier to carry with me to the work and to the gym. I do not need to have big makeup bag to carry with me the deodorant everywhere. If I feel mentally and physically tired after a long day, I can easily refresh my body and mind with a great fragrance of Sure Compressed Cotton Fresh deodorant.

Sure Compressed deodorant is unbelievable, because the bottle is travel size, but the antiperspirant inside of the bottle is full size. I do not need to buy expensive travel sized deodorants to take with me to the holidays. I can use my usual deodorant for usual price.
Try it and join the 9 million women who have chosen it. 

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