Sunday, 29 May 2016

Free From Rumballs

Really quick, gluten and dairy free recipe. You can substitute the special dietary ingredients with their usual alternatives. Changes in ingredients do not make any change in the result; just mix everything together in right amount.
Do not need to bake just chill
Perfect to bake together with children


-2 boxes of Schar Gluten Free Digestives (300g)
-100g icing sugar
-2 tbs raw cocoa powder
-20g desiccated coconut + some to make the coating
-60g cocnut spread – room temperature
-100ml almond milk
-1 ts rum

Grind all the digestives. Mix the dry ingredients together first then mix well with liquid ingredients.

Form little balls with your hands and fold them in desiccated coconut. Put in the fridge to firm.

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