Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Garnier Moisture Bomb

I love to be a BzzAgent because I have the opportunity to try the best new products for free.
My latest BzzCampaign called Garnier Moisture Bomb. My BzzKit contained Garnier’s Super-Recharging Antioxidant Night Gel-Cream and Super Hydrating Antioxidant Moisturiser SPF10 3-in-1 day cream. It is Garnier’s Moisture Bomb range. They have got me at first sight with their sea blue colours. I love to have products in my bathroom which make me smile and remember me of holidays just with their colours. My grey weekday mornings start happier with good memories.

I tried first Moisture Bomb Night Cream. It is absolutely necessary to use good quality night creams every evening. Our skin cells rejuvenate during night sleep. We produce 40% more skin cells whilst we are asleep.
Moisture Bomb Night Moisturiser recharges up to 10 layers of skin with hydration and replumps the look of fine lines. It gives 72 hours continuous hydration. The skin feels smooth, appears fresher and looks younger from the first night.
Moisture Bomb Night Moisturiser is lightweight because contains lots of water is half gel and half cream. It melts on contact with the skin, infusing it instantly with hydration. You do not need to use a thick and uncomfortable layer of night cream to wake up rejuvenated. This Super-Recharging Antioxidant Gel-Cream absorbs immediately; does not leave greasy or sticky effect on your face. Even your partner can kiss your healthy and desirable face straight after applying Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Gel-Cream.
The highly efficient hydrating formula combines two antioxidant superfruit extracts: Amla and Pomegranate. It means 15% Plant Serum in your cream.

I recommend to everybody enjoying summer holidays to regenerate your skin with Moisture Bomb Night Moisturiser during each night.
It is very common to have visible wrinkles on forehead on summer holidays just because the dryness. These are different form ageing wrinkles. These dehydration wrinkles need only creams containing high level of water. Garnier Moisture Bomb range is designed for dehydrated skin problems. Apply Moisture Bomb even on neck and d├ęcolletage. These parts of the body have very delicate skin and are usually uncovered all day when it is hot and suffer more from dehydration than less delicate skin on legs or arms. Garnier Moisture Bomb is the no.1 holiday make up bag essential.

It is very important to find your perfect night skincare routine. Look at mine:
  • -         Cleanse, remove any makeup and dirt
  • -         Apply eye cream around your eyes, I use Garnier Ultra Lift Eye Contour Care
  • -         Apply night cream , I use Garnier Moisture Bomb Gel-Cream to rehydrate my dry skin

Of course Moisture Bomb Night has its day cream variety to give perfect protection.
More than a moisturiser, Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Moisturiser recharges the skin with hydration and leaves it feeling protected from everyday external aggressions.
Going to the gym is one of the daily extremes which can make our skin dehydrated. We lose lots of water with sweat during exercises and our body need this water back. It is not enough to drink lots of water but we need to use hydrating skincare products. I use Garnier Moisture Bomb day cream straight after my classes. I love the no mess pump so I do not need to worry about germs. It is fantastic, absorbs immediately and does not leave the skin shiny. I can apply foundation straight after the hydrating cream. The consistency is very light and milky. It gives 24 hours hydration without greasy or sticky effect.
Garnier Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Moisturiser contains same antioxidants as the night variety: Amla and Pomegranate superfruits.
Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Moisturiser is the perfect product for people who refuse to use more products at the same time, e.g. cream, eye cream, oil, gel and serum.

Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 cream moisturises and hydrates the skin and contains SPF10, which gives daily UVA/UVB protection, which is extremely important even in British sunshine.

What I wear under my make up:
  • -         Garnier Roll On around my eyes
  • -         Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Hydrating Day Cream on my face

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