Monday, 23 May 2016

Rule Unruly Skin

I had one very suitable project courtesy of the insiders. I have got fantastic and extremely high quality products for free. I tried and tested Calmurid Pro Creams – “Rule Unruly Skin”. I can confirm this product really rules.

My huge Calmurid Pro parcel arrived nearly one month ago. I have got lots of samples and money off coupons to give away. I also have got two full sized products to try myself:
The full range consists of:
Calmurid® Pro Body Hydrolotion - Ideal for daily care of normal to dry skin.
Calmurid®Pro Very Rich Ointment - Ideal for application to small areas of extremely dry skin in need of care two to three times a day. Contains 75% natural almond oil to moisturise and hydrate the skin.
The range is suitable both children and adults.

I have very dry skin since my childhood. I use body lotions every day, I cannot live without. My hands are even worse, I use hand creams daily 3-4 times.

Calmurid® Pro Body Lipolotion is ideal for daily care of dry to very dry skin. It helps to protect dry skin and does not let everyday impacts to dry it out. The cream absorbs quickly so it is perfect for everyday use. I focused on drier areas as knees, elbows, sole, heels and nailbeds on my toes.  I am more focused on my heels when summer is coming and I start to wear sandals and flip-flops. I massage a good amount of Calmurid® Pro Body Lipolotion into my sole, heels and nailbeds on my toes before bed to let it absorb thoroughly during the night. The result is visible after 2-3 days.

Calmurid® Pro Body Lipolotion Contains 4% urea, a natural moisturiser which increases the water content in the skin. The lighter version - Calmurid® Pro Body Hydrolotion contains 2% of urea. Both are free of colourants.

My absolute favourite is Calmurid® Pro Moisturising Hand Cream. It is ideal for daily care of dry and damaged hands. It is the hand cream called invisible glove, the best protection. Forms a protective barrier designed not to wash off easily. You can do even a test: When water is sprayed on the skin, water droplets can be seen to form on top of the protective seal. Calmurid® Pro Moisturising Hand Cream is a must have product for me in cold and windy weather. Cleaning materials dry out my hands and nail beds extremely too. When I do not use high quality hand care my hands are itchy and painful. I apply Calmurid® Pro Moisturising Hand Cream before bed every evening because skin cells rejuvenate quicker and better during the night.

Calmurid® Pro Moisturising Hand Cream contains a nourishing blend of emollients and vitamin B3 to help revive dry and damaged skin. It is fragrance and colourant free. 

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