Sunday, 21 August 2016

I Am Unstoppable

My latest BzzCampaign was Compeed Blister Plasters where I have got two packs of blister plasters and samples to give away for free.

I am very satisfied with the product. It is water proof, has perfect shape and last on the place all day long. I carry with me one small box of Compeed Blister Plasters always in my handbag.

Compeed free blister plasters came in great time because I was before a big hiking holiday in Devon. I have bought new shoes for this occasion so I was a little bit afraid from painful blisters. I have very thin skin so it is normal to have blisters after wearing new shoes first time.

I wanted to prevent blisters so I used two pairs of thin socks on the first day. The weather was great so I wore only one pair of socks on the second day. Of course I had painful blisters on the evening. I started the third day with applying a pressure relieving pad, COMPEED Blister Plaster. Applying a COMPEED Blister Plaster helped me prevent further progression of the blister as the cushioning layer forms a barrier against friction. The patch contains hydrocolloid technology which creates an optimum environment for wound healing while instantly relieving pain. It’s also waterproof and helps protect the wound from harmful bacteria and dirt. I didn’t remove the pad too soon; I waited until it started to lift at the edges and then I gently and easily peeled it off in the bath.
I was very happy, because I had blisters but I couldn’t feel the pain. I can say Compeed saved my holiday. The healing process was very quick – I was able to start my working week in high heels.

Compeed blister plasters work perfectly. I often have blisters because my skin is very thin and sensitive.
I tend to prevent blisters with using Compeed Blister Plasters on the places (corners; under toes) where I usually have them. Sometimes the prevention does not work, because the rubbing is too hard (new shoes). My blister breaks they can become infected and extremely painful. I do not deliberately burst the blister but if it does open I clean it with mild soapy water, soak it in a salt water footbath for 10 minutes and cover with a protective pad COMPEED BlisterPlaster.
Compeed Anti Blistersticks are very helpful as well. I advise you to use it every time before you wear new shoes.

Using hydrocolloid technology, COMPEED supports the natural moisture balance, to accelerate the healing process. COMPEED blister plasters stay in place longer and heal blisters faster than traditional plasters, whilst acting as a second skin.

BzzAgent sent me these brilliant Compeed products:

-COMPEED plaster Blister pack MEDIUM - absorbs moisture and forms a protective cushion, providing instant pain relief and optimum healing conditions for foot blisters

-COMPEED plaster Blister pack MIXED - the complete solution to foot blisters which can come in any shape and any size.

Compeed have even more great products, these are my  personal favourites:

-COMPEED Bunion Plasters – designed to fit discreetly around your foot for instant relief from pressure, helping you get back on your feet.

-COMPEED Corn Active Plasters - contain a special gel that relieves pain immediately and helps remove the corn

-COMPEED Cracked Heel Overnight Cream – daily moisturizing cream with magical urea

Try Compeed next time when you have some painful blisters and you can feel the difference on your own skin.

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