Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Freixenet ICE

I was one of 1000 lucky trndsters to get and share 3x Bottles of Freixenet ICE and 1x Freixenet ICE booklet with cocktail recipes. It is the best trnd project for long hot summer evenings. It is a real enjoyment even to think about it.

I love the project, because I like to have few drinks with my friends on summer evenings. We do not want to get drunk, just enjoy some tasty adult drinks. I love Freixenet ICE Cava because it is easy to use in cocktails and it makes me popular with my creations amongst my friends and family members.
I can imagine myself to drink Freixenet ICE during the winter months just to remember the taste of summer.

What is Freixenet ICE?

It is the newest and most refreshing way to drink cava.
The bubble experts at Freixenet have created a new and improved way to enjoy cava – served over ice with a sprig of mint. It’s the perfect drink for long and lazy summer with friends.

How is Freixenet ICE dry cava produced?

Produced using the same traditional method as Champagne, Freixenet ICE has a premium twist. The wine makers have mixed the cava to be richer, which balances the chill of the ice so that the taste of the wine is not diluted. Classic cava grapes have been blended with the Chardonnay grape for a richer consistency and slightly sweeter style, perfect to be enjoyed in a large wine glass over chunks of ice. The ageing process takes between one and five years.

So here is the easiest way to enjoy twisted and flavourful cava:
• Freixenet ICE
• 3 x chunky ice cubes
• 1 x sprig of mint

I love this dry and fruity cava with ice cubes. I love to enjoy its plain taste.
Freixenet ICE has really sweet but dry tasting notes: peaches, ripe pears, flowers and nuances of tropical fruits.
I really enjoyed the fresh fruit taste of Freixenet Ice Cava. The bubbles and the ice made it suitable for a garden party in the sunshine which is how I enjoyed it. The bottle just exudes good taste and elegance. The bottles look fresh and expensive. I love the white colour, it makes these bottles so unique. I am proud to have it on my guest’s table.

I love to try drink recipes from the trnd booklet:
The Garden of Eden:
• Cucumber
• 20ml lemon juice
• 20ml apple juice
• 15ml of elderflower juice
• Freixenet ICE Cava
• Blend the fruit juices together in a shaker first then top up the glass with ICE Cava and garnish with cucumber.

Freixenet has lots of high quality tasty drinks. Freixenet ICE acts as the latest in a long line of delicious cava variations from Freixenet.
Cordon Negro is undoubtedly Freixenet’s most iconic and recognisable cava.
Cordon Rosado is the vibrant pink partner of Cordon Negro.

The award-wining Elyssia Gran Cuvée is a distinguished blend that combines the best regional varieties with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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