Sunday, 14 August 2016

Memories from Hungary

We spent beautiful days by the Lake Balaton in Hungary. I love this big lake since my childhood. Visiting this beautiful lake was always the most enjoyable part of my summer holidays. We visit it not as often since we live in the UK but my enjoyment is as big as before.

I think we booked the best apartment –basically a holiday studio flat for two – via website. Our hosts were very friendly and extremely helpful. The apartment is near the beach and the neighbourhood is quiet. We would spend the whole holiday on this single place but we had some cloudy and windy days too.

We visited the city centre in Siofok where is the small Kalman Imre Museum, who was an important Hungarian play writer and composer. I remember seeing his best play Csardaskiralyno nearly 10 years ago in Komaromi Jokai Theatre.

We visited the private Gallery Jordan which was an incredible enjoyment. There are lots of paintings for sale made by Peter Jordan and his daughter, Uncas. They are very talented and they do not squander their talent.

“Let’s go; see it; look it; feel it and buy if you think it is great, and belongs to your soul.” (Peter Jordan)

The Siofok Eye has a very pretty retro style. I loved it on first sight. I must hop on all of Eyes which I pass by.

We visited my hubby’s school town, Kaposvar. It is the home town of Ripl-Ronai, the famous Hungarian painter. His villa is a very interesting place with around 90 paintings.

Here are some more photos taken on the High Street of Kaposvar. I love creative displays!

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