Monday, 3 October 2016

Sheba Fines Flakes in Jelly Poultry Collection - For Picky Cats

I like to try and test new products so I was very happy when Mars Petcare UK selected me to take part in their Meet our Brands test panel.
The truth is I am not the tester I just write reviews. The tester is my cat, Muzu because Meet our Brands project is for pet owners and our well-loved pets test pet food.
My cat loves her job, because she is very picky and loves variety in cat food. We are always the first to try new cat food from the supermarket shelves. First it was quite annoying, that Muzu does not want to eat her food, but we used to it.

One of her favourite cat food brand is Sheba. We were very lucky to get Sheba pouches for free as our first Meet our Brands project.

Muzu’s pack contained four pouches of Sheba Fines Flakes in Jelly Poultry Collection cat food:

She loved all of the flavours. She usually likes these flavours and different fish flavours too. She is not a big red meat eater. Sometimes she gets bored of duck, but in this case she demolished the duck one quickly and without any complaint.

Muzu is not a big eater. I always need to encourage her to eat more. She eats one maximum two sachets of wet cat food per day. She always leaves about third of her meal which I should throw out.
I was very impressed with Sheba, because Muzu does not leave anything in her pet bowl.

Wow I have not seen a pet bowl licked clean ages ago!

She even ate more than before. I have got my parcel delivered on Friday. She got Sheba for dinner on Friday and she had the last pouch on Sunday. Basically 4 pouches for 2 days and bowls are licked clean. I was very happy with this result.

I am sure I will repurchase Sheba Fines Flakes in Jelly Poultry Collection again. It makes me very happy when my Muzu is satisfied with her food.

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