Monday, 31 October 2016

Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Mixed Duo Collection

Huzzah! It was a pretty fast product test! Winter is coming so my cat, Muzu eats more especially when she gets something really tasty.

Meet Our Brands test panel sent us Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Mixed Duo Collection to try for free. The product test was a very big success. My parcel arrived on Thursday and Muzu had the last sachet on Friday evening. I am really impressed and will look for the product next time I stock up in cat food.

We have got these sachets of wet food:

  • Tunaand Oceanfish – it is our absolute favourite
  • Salmon and Saithe – my cat loved and enjoyed it
  • Chicken and Beef –we started the product test with this one, because Muzu does not like red meat, but surprisingly it was demolished quickly
  • Poultry and Lamb – little problem here, first it was left in the cat bowl and I should throw away, but for second attempt it was accepted and happily eaten (who understands cats’ eating habits)

Me personally prefer Sheba products, because sachets are very easy to tear. There is no mess, no leaking. The package design is fantastic with dark & bright colours. I can easily find even in low light which product I would like to open and do not give my hungry cat lamb instead of tuna at 5am. I should be very careful my own good. If I swap the pouches during the night she does not let me go back to sleep. Little tyrant!

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