Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Nailed It!

Elegant Touch is my favourite website for ordering false nails. I am so happy and excited about my second haul. Insiders test panel sent me five boxes of false nails to try and review. Oh I love to play with my nails so much and it is so easy with Elegant Touch. The perfect result is always guaranteed. I can only recommend.

I must start with this one because black is my favourite colour. This super practical kit contains 24 nails in 10 sizes, buffer, glue and leaflet. ElegantTouch Polish Blacks are short squoval shaped nails so I can recommend for everyday wear. It is perfect for beginners as well. It is very comfortable to wear because the new super-flex technology. These beautiful short, black false nails do not look different from natural nails but are more durable and chip free up to 10 days.

Wow this one gives you an ultimate Saturday night diva look. This deep red metallic colour is beautiful and the long coffin shape gives it a perfect finish. This colour is more glimmer as the photos and videos show. I love it and happy to wear it on any parties. Really sexy! The kit contains 24 nails in 10 sizes, buffer, glue and easy to follow how to leaflet.

This colour was a big but very pleasant surprise for me. I thought I will get matte colour false nails but this kit contains beautiful shiny very deep grey nails. Perfect for any occasions or everyday wearing even for beginners. Has middle length and very natural looking oval shape. I love this kit, it is so practical and flexible. If you want to order only one pack of false nails Elegant Touch Polish Charcoal is the perfect one for you. You can find everything in the kit what you need: 24 nails in 10 sizes; buffer; glue and instruction leaflet.

 I thought this colour is close to pink but not. It is the colour I call Nursery Colour Pencil Red and I absolutely love it. I have even nail polishes in similar colour what I often use on my toes. I am so happy I can wear same colour on my toes and finger nails. Little happinesses make everyday life enjoyable. Elegant Touch Polish Coral is a typical for everyday false nail. Has very natural squoval shape and it is short. Very easy to wear and it is super flexible. This beautiful colour goes well with any decent colours. Ok, I would not wear it with neon yellow but it goes well even with king blue or emerald green. This kit is suitable even for beginners with easy to follow leaflet, buffer, glue and 24 nails in 10 shapes.

Oh, it is a beautiful metallic deep blue! Photos and videos cannot show you this noble deep blue. I am in love with this colour and super-glossy finish. It has a stunning long stiletto shape. This pack of false nails will make you a real night queen. The kit contains 24 nails in 10 shapes for a perfect fit; glue; buffer and leaflet. I can recommend for any occasion. Sexy and noble as long evening dresses.

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