Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Choc Pot

I joined the fun on Sweet Freedom website and they sent me Choc Pot to try, love and be creative in kitchen.

Choc Pot is Sweet Freedom’s new addition to the family. His siblings are:

-Fruit Syrups – low in fructose, only 13 calories per teaspoon. These fruit syrups are available in original and dark flavour.

-Choc Shots – fat free low calories liquid chocolate in orange spice; coconut or original (just pure chocolate) flavours.

Sweet Freedom products have very cute design. I am sure these are cutest bottles ever and are filled witch guilt free chocolate. Unbelievable! I feel my dreams come true.

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot is a proper chocolate spread with a hint of fruity flavour. Pure fruit sweetness – only 14 calories per teaspoon, only half the calories of the leading chocolate spread. Tastes very nice and satisfying. I observed, compared to regular chocolate spreads I need only about half of the amount to feel similar sweetness. Amazing, it means, Choc Pot even costs less as regular chocolate spreads.
Sweet Freedom Choc Pot is not just free from calories but even dairy free; gluten free; nut free and GMO free. It is vegan too. No additives and no preservatives. WOW I swear, Choc Pot is the healthiest chocolate spread.

I love to eat Sweet Freedom Choc Pot on toast for breakfast when I am in hurry. When I have more time I make a nice choc porridge with coconut. Morning is the best time to eat my carbs and fuel my day.

Crepe Torte (click here for my recipe) is the best cake to satisfy your sweet tooth if you have a health conscious lifestyle.

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