Saturday, 7 January 2017

Green Smoothie

Unfortunately veggies are not my favourites. I tried to like them but I was unsuccessful. My tactic is to hide some veggies into my food and drink too. I just mislead myself.

Here is my super healthy green smoothie recipe, loaded with vitamins. It is necessary to boost our immune system with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. I fight with cold recently so I needed a good home remedy. I blended a big handful of spinach with pineapples. I absolutely cannot taste any spinach just nice sweet pineapples. I blended one banana too to make my smoothie thicker and smoother. Lots of diets advise you to avoid sugar. They always speak about refined sugars. There is not any problem with naturally occurring fruit sugar. Smoothie helps you to boost your energy really quickly.
I used a strong blend of Elderberry & Echinacea Pukka Tea with Elderflower for extra herbs and health benefits. This tea is naturally caffeine free so you can enjoy this green smoothie even before bed. Potassium in banana helps you to have a better night sleep.


-300g pineapple chunks
-1 bigger banana
-big handful of spinach leaves

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