Tuesday, 14 February 2017

H&S 3Action Formula

I am one of the happiest Supersavvyme Savvy Circle members because I was selected to take part in Head & Shoulders campaign. My huge savvy kit arrived some weeks ago, so me and nearly all my acquaintances had enough time to try and test this fantastic hair care product. This shampoo is amazing!

New Head & Shoulders has a 3Action Formula: cleanse, protect and moisturise.

My scalp is perfectly clean and flake free after using H&S. This shampoo is extremely foamy and has thick consistency. It is an absolute bonus point for me when I choose a shampoo. I love to massage my scalp with big foam for longer for a perfectly clean result. On the other side it contains lots of water because all the ingredients are mixed and dissolved in water before bottled. I enjoy the scent too. Washing my hair with H&S new 3Action Formula is a real pleasure.

Who experienced dandruff ever, knows that protection is extremely important. My shampoo should not just clean but even protect my hair from dandruff. The H&S experts have added active ingredients such as Zinc which directly targets those pesky dandruff causing particles called Malassezia Globosa.

This shampoo contains a conditioner so moisturises my hair from roots to tips. My hair is healthy and shiny even on second day after washing. My hair is less greasy and I do not need to use dry shampoo on second day to keep the volume. I have soft and beautifully manageable hair.

Head & Shoulders is perfect even for people with more sensitive skin, because the right pH balance ensures H&S is gloriously gentle on skin.

For good looking and healthy skin; scalp and hair is not enough just use and choose the best cosmetics and shampoos but you should make wise food choices. Include some lentils, sesame, soy, avocado or dark chocolate to your diet for the best appearance. It is not as difficult as it looks. Just start today!

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