Saturday, 4 February 2017

Nails by Elegant Touch

My new order from Elegant Touch Insiders arrived. Yippee! It is time to start the beauty journey. What about New York or Tokyo? 

I think, everybody agrees with me, that French manicure is a timeless favourite. Now with Elegant Touch you can have it in no time, ok it will take around tree minutes. In this pack you can find 24 pre-glued artificial nails, buffer, leaflet – no separate glue required. It means there is no chance to make any mess. If you are a beginner, try Elegant Touch Pre-glued Nails, best choices are these timeless classic French nails. I always have one box in in my make-up drawer for emergency situations. These artificial nails are very comfortable and chip resistant. These very light, natural pink shaded transparent nails are a little thicker to help to hide your natural nails totally. But do not worry the oval shape gives a beautiful natural look.

This pack is for creative ones! You can make nail art on these totally bare artificial nails with any nail polish. Your usual nail polish will last longer on artificial nails, because the lack of moisture find in natural nails. For best result you can order nail art accessories from Elegant Touch website. You have plenty of space to realise your ideas because this pack contains 48 nails in 10 sizes, a huge bottle of glue, leaflet and buffer. Just go to internet and start your nail art. Simply decorate the nail, wait until totally dry and glue on. Totally Bare Short Stiletto shape is very easy to wear and these thin but long lasting artificial nails fit perfectly and look natural.

 If I should use only one sentence to characterise Tokyo Elegant Touch artificial nails, I would say these are simply beautiful. I was in shock when I saw, that these short, wearable and very comfortable artificial nails how perfectly fit on my natural nails. These look totally natural. I usually wear dark colours so I ordered this pack of nails without better examination, just to have some artificial nails for formal occasions. I was totally impressed how these nude stilettos fit me. Maybe I need to rethink my manicure habits and use light colours more often. Take Me to Tokyo artificial nails are super flexible thanks to the new super-flex technology. The box contains 24 nails in 10 sizes, glue, leaflet and buffer. Perfect virtual travel!

My next stop is New York with Elegant Touch nails. I ordered this pack of artificial nails because I love dark colours. These nails look darker on the website photos, the colour calls oxblood. In reality it is a very dark purple with ink-matte finish. Very unique colour. I have never seen a nail polish like this one before. The package calls it is nearly impossible to achieve this dramatic ink-matte finish with a polish. So if you want as unique and elegant nails as never before then chose Elegant Touch’s Next Stop New York. Do not worry, these short almond shaped nails are the easiest and most comfortable to wear. Beautiful and unique nails without any discomfort. There are 24 nails in 10 shapes, glue, leaflet and buffer in the box. Have a good dream journey!

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