Sunday, 12 March 2017

Daz Whites and Colours

I took part in Daz Savvycircle project on Supersavvyme website. This site is really helpful, with lots of advice, reviews, coupons and product tests. I was selected to take part in Daz Whites & Colours Laundry Detergent project. I loved this funny project and fantastic product.

Of course I will repurchase Daz, because the results are amazing. After 10 washes the difference is clear. My whites are crisp & colours are bright and I have to use only one laundry detergent. I was really interested how is this possible and why only Daz can do it?

Daz has a new formula. This detergent is bleach free so it is safe on colours but contains clean and bright amplifiers to ensure your whites shine bright. It is so easy to understand and believable.

I always hesitated where to put my striped tops; white T-shirts with colourful logos; white shirts with big and bold prints; neon & black fitness apparel and even my well-loved funny socks. Daz solved these big questions. I load all of these together and no more need to worry about dull whites and faded colours. Dazzling brights on both colours and whites.

Of course Daz is outstanding also in cleaning. I tested it on mud, grass, food and gritting salt. I am very satisfied with the results. My friends and family love Daz too, the fragrance is lush and also cleans perfectly. We all love this nice and long lasting scent – nothing too intensive or fancy just the smell of clean and freshly washed clothes. My freshly changed bedding is the most enjoyable!

I tried Daz Whites & Colours washing powder, but the Daz White & Colours range contains two more products:

-DazWhites & Colours 3 in 1 Pods – the even simpler way to wash. No more dosing required!

-DazWhites & Colours Liquid – my family’s favourite consistency of washing detergent.

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