Saturday, 4 March 2017

Fine Flowers

I have dry and sensitive skin so finding the perfect face cleanser is one of the biggest challenge for me. Cleansers usually contain ingredients like tea tree, eucalyptus to achieving the best result. These ingredients work perfectly on normal skin and are absolute necessities for oily skin types. But dry and sensitive skin becomes flaky, itchy and even fine lines and wrinkles appear. Sometimes I should stop to use my new cleanser after first use, because my skin feels extremely uncomfortable.

L’Oreal’s new Fine Flowers cleansing range is for dry & sensitive skin. La Belle Famille panel sent me a cleanser milk and toner to try and review.
FineFlowers cleansing range contains Rose and Jasmine. These natural ingredients are perfect on dry and sensitive skin. Rose has soothing and comforting properties. Jasmine moisturises and protects.

I start with Fine Flowers cleansing milk to remove my makeup and any dirt from my pores. One pump is enough to clean my face and neck. I apply this gentle and soft milk with my fingers and massage my face and neck to help remove any daily impurities. You can apply it gently with a cotton pad. Do not rub your face, this fantastic milk removes everything softly. I love the light consistency and nice light floral fragrance. My skin is soft and clean and the most important: hydrated.

After cleaning my face with Fine Flowers Milk I wipe my face and neck with Fine Flowers Toner. This product is better as other toners because it has thicker consistency. It is easier to apply on a cotton pad. Leaking or applying too much liquid is impossible. Fine Flowers Toner has nice floral fragrance as well.
After cleaning my totally clean looking face I am always wondering how dirty the cotton pad becomes. It is very important to clean your face every evening and morning before applying your moisturisers and serums. Creams cannot absorb and impact when there are impurities in pores.

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Milk and Toner leaves my skin perfectly hydrated and soft so I can concentrate on wrinkle elimination and youth activation. I can put on youth serums before bed and do not need to worry about extra hydration. Of course I wake up with better looking and younger looking face.

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