Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gluten Free Cherry Sponge

Gluten free cherry sponge is the easiest cake ever.
If you have 1 free hour at Sunday afternoon just try it!
It is gluten and fat free. Contains lots of fibre and protein - 5! whole eggs.
You can use any type of flour. I sometimes substitute the gluten free self-rising flour with a mix of gluten free buckwheat flour + corn flour + baking powder.


-5 whole eggs
-5  soup spoon of self-rising flour
-5 soup spoon of sugar
-cherries covered with spices as cinnamon and ginger


-preheat the oven (170C)
-separate the eggs
-start mixing egg whites with a handheld mixer
-gradually add the sugar
-gradually add egg yolks
-add the gluten free self-rising flour
-put to the baking tray on baking paper
-sprinkle with cherries
-bake approx. 20 min.


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