Sunday, 11 October 2015

Panasonic IPL Come Round Party

I’m a Come Round panelist and my first trial was a brand new product – not even on the market yet. The product is the Panasonic Cordless IPL Hair Removal System. I’ve got this fantastic product for free. I was one of the first 200 people in the UK to try this great product.

 I used the IPL once a fortnight for 8 weeks, during August and September and I am sure I will continue to use it. I am very satisfied with the product. My hubby loves it as well. He wanted an IPL very long time ago and Come Round made his dream come true.


I’m very satisfied with the long lasting result. The more I use it the lighter my body hair is and the smoother and more hair-free my skin becomes. I can recommend Panasonic Cordless IPL Hair Remover for women and men equally.

I was bored and fed up with razors, because the short term results. I was bored and fed up with wax and epilators, because the pain and ingrown hair. I think only the IPL technology can solve the hair removal problem. Letting it done in salons is very expensive and requires lots of time but now you can have your own easy to use IPL machine. The price is quite high (I can send you discount codes ;) but it is worth for it. One bulb last for 20,000 flashes, it means, you need to change it every 2-3 years. When you do everything at home you save money and time. I don’t need to go to the salon any more.

The product is brilliant and easy to use. There is no risk, you cannot hurt yourself.
Panasonic IPL is cordless, lightweight and has almost double the battery life of its closest competitor. You can use it everywhere in your house. Imagine, watching telly and get rid of unwanted hair without pain!
You can even use it on your bikini line. Just do not use it on your face.

I highly recommend these products for everyone – women and men equally. It works perfectly with thick hair so it’s perfect for men as well. It is designed especially for black, dark brown, brown and dark blond hair.

The result is long lasting. The laser hair removal has to be done in multiple sessions because the hair grows in cycles. Multiple visits are needed to make sure that all the hair is actually removed. Inflammation causes the hair follicle to go into the resting phase.

Come Round sent me also a huge party pack to guest my friends and show them my new hair removal toy. My nine guest were more than happy to try an IPL no pain hair removal machine. We spent a nice Saturday afternoon together with good music, knowledge quiz, fun prizes and lots of laughter.

The party pack contained a very useful 3–in-1 manicure tool. The Stylfile 2 has three professional nail tools in one:
1.      Curved nail file
2.      Under-nail skimmer
3.      Cuticle pusher

It is the perfect handbag essential!

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