Saturday, 17 October 2015

Say Cheese

I am a big cheese lover and I like to try new flavours. I was very happy when I got an invitation as an Orchard member to the Tesco finest* cheese Orchard Campaign. I got money off coupons to buy cheese.

Tesco finest* Cheese products are very tasty and unique. If you have guests - and you want to impress them - choose the Tesco finest* Cheese range. You can find it in chilled aisle.

The preparation is very easy and quick. Hot cheeses put to the oven or use a pan. Cold cheeses serve only as you see on the box or are as creative as you want. I like to eat lots of leafy veggies with my lovely cheese sandwiches.

I eat Tesco finest* Cheese as a snack very often, because it is very healthy – contains lots of proteins and calcium.
The new Tesco finest* Cheese range offers something for everyone — and for any occasion! Whether it is a dinner party, date or rugby match, choose the right cheese for your next get-together.

Tesco stocks a wide range of unusual and unique cheeses. Only the best of the best is good enough for Tesco finest* range. So in their search for the best cheeses they visit farmers markets, food exhibitions, cheese exhibitions and small producers to seek out the latest trends and flavours. (Thanks Tesco!)



My first choice was finest* Extra MatureSomerset Cheddar. This delicious and full flavoured cheese reminds me to my perfect holiday in Cheddar where I saw how this cheese is made. 

My second favourite is one British cheese too: finest* Smoked Extra Mature Cheddar. I love everything smoked. Yummy!


I tried finest* Chaource, a delicious soft and crumbly French cheese which is also perfect for fondue. This cheese is made in the heart of Burgundy by the Lincet family for over 10 years.


Tesco stocks goat cheese as well: finest* Beacon Blue GoatsCheese and finest* Inglewhite Goats Cheese. They have overwhelming flavour and creamy texture. You can definitely tell these delicious cheeses are produced using goat milk. 


finest* Swiss Gruyere is a cheese with heritage. Matured for 10 months in the Swiss Alps using traditional methods unchanged since 1115. The taste is really unique and delightful.


finest*Parmigiano Reggiano is made in northern Italy, this delicious hard cheese has been produced using the same methods for more than 900 years and is matured for 30 months before hitting shelves. The unique flavour of the cheese is due in part to the fact that cattle are fed on the grass that grows around the farm they are bred on – and cheese tasters from the region can even tell from which area the cheese came just by tasting it.
Amazing facts! Without being an Orchard member I would not know this.


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