Monday, 21 November 2016

Whiskas Is Better Than Ever

Meet our Brands online petfood test panel offered me to try Whiskas 7+ Poultry Selection in Gravy for free. I was more than happy to take part in this exciting project, because my indeed extremely picky cat loves to try new food. She must try even human food, but in 90% she does not like it. I had a little fear what will be her reaction to Whiskas Poultry Selection, because she did not like Whiskas wet food before. But we did give it a go.

It was a very big surprise when she started to eat everything from her bowl very quickly. She even enjoyed to chew on bigger pieces. I always like to give her 100% complete and balanced cat food. I believe Whiskas with over 50 years’ experience knows well what is good for my little darling.

Her favourite is the Turkey one, because this flavour is less common than Chicken or Poultry. Duck comes last in the row, because it has darker meat. Yes, choosy Muzu prefers white meat.

Me, personally liked the smell of Whiskas 7+ Poultry Selection in Gravy, it smells like human food (or even better). No, I have not been tempted enough to taste it.

This Meet our Brands product test came out really well and I am happy to repurchase Whiskas 7+Poultry Selection in Gravy in the future.

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