Sunday, 20 November 2016

Drink Good. Feel Good.

I have been specially selected to be part of Come Round team’s unique campaign. They sent me a free party pack with lots of Feel Good Drinks. My family, friends and me were more than happy to try these new  and seductive drinks.

First of all these bottles look very nice and bubbly. It makes me smile to look at them. I love real gals bottles these make home parties more sophisticated. You can find Feel Good Drinks even in small plastic bottles to carry the goodness everywhere with you.

FeelGood Drinks are colourful without added artificial colours. These drinks are 100% natural. They come in lots of flavour, you can always try something new. Natural is not boring! My favourite flavour is Apple, Elderflower & Water. I love also Lemon, Elderflower & Water and Orange, Mango & Water. Anyway I am happy to drink any flavours. You can choose even between still and lightly sparkly. It is fantastic! I do not like carbonated drinks, but these light bubbles refresh me. Feel Good Drinks are even perfect mocktail ingredients. Try some good recipes:

The most important fact is that The Feel Good Drinks Co. never adds any sugar to their drinks. It is a guilt free pleasure. The sweetness of these lovely drinks comes from naturally occurring sugars, which is essential to our bodies. Never distract sugar totally from your diet. Human body uses naturally occurring sugar to fuel exercises and fuel our mind. Feel Good Drinks are beneficial in schools, gyms and offices.

FeelGood Drinks do not contain sweeteners. I am really happy with this, because lots of sweeteners contain milk sugar, which causes very unpleasant reactions by people allergic to dairy.
FeelGood Drinks contain merely fruit juices from concentrate and crisp, clear water. It tastes similarly delicious as pure fruit juices but the taste and the consistency is lighter so these drinks quench your thirst better.
FeelGood Drinks contain less acid as pure fruit juices, because are diluted with water. These drinks are more suitable for people who suffer from heartburn. If you feel stomach discomfort after drinking your breakfast juice swap it for FeelGood Drinks and enjoy breakfast time again.

I am really happy that Come Round introduced me The Feel Good Drinks Co. I cannot imagine healthier and tastier drinks. I believe if I drink good I feel good.

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