Sunday, 27 November 2016

Brioche Pasquier

I was being selected as a party host of Team Come Round’s exclusive Brioche Pasquier campaign. They sent me a huge party pack with lots of treats focused on breakfast.

Brioche Pasquier is a traditional French Family Bakery Since 1936. Today, they still follow the same baking methods that the founder, Gabriel Pasquier, used to deliver Brioche Pasquier’s unique taste. These recipes are free from artificial colours, flavours and hydrogenated fats. Great - Brioche Pasquier is good for us!

I have tried Brioche Pasquier products before, because they have fantastic marketing. They give away coupons (click here to print 35p off your next purchase of any product), run competitions (enter Advent Calendar Competition 2016) and have on pack promotions. I prefer brands which try to entertain and motivate customers. Brioche Pasquier makes me feel a valued customer.

Anyway the best thing in Brioche Pasquier products, that these pastries are delicious. I wake up happier if I can have Brioche Pasquier for breakfast and coffee in my favourite Brioche Pasquier mug.
My favourite pastry is the unique Sliced Brioche Loaf, I have never had so tasty thing in my toaster before. You can eat it with butter, jam, peanut butter etc. there are endless possibilities. They even advise you on the pack to try it as a sandwich with vegetables, but I think, it is not for me. I usually do not like to mix sweet and salty. Erm, unless it is salted caramel or sweet & salty popcorn. Maybe I should be more open and try brioche loaf ham and cheese sandwich.

Brioche Pasquier has a wide range of tasty products.

I have got one pack of 8 traditional French all butter croissants. These are best enjoyed warm. Pre-heat your oven to 200°C and warm for 2-3 minutes. These are perfect with sweet spreads or butter, but I enjoy them plain as well with a nice cup of hot drink.

Pain au Chocolat is my second favourite. These are made with a brioche dough which is worked into a light puff pastry and filled with a delicious dark chocolate. One pack contains 6 individually wrapped pastries. I prefer them on the go. They sell even Pains au Chocolat Crème Pâtissière, which is similar to Pain au Chocolat filled with extra pastry cream – tastes like custard. Me, personally, prefer Pain au Chocolat.

Pain au Laits are very light and airy mini rolls, 8 in one sachet. You can toast them or just use your favourite spreads. I love it with butter & strawberry jam or butter & honey - the choice is always though. Perfect breakfast pastry, one never enough.

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