Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sheba Classic Soup

We took part in Meet our Brand Sheba Classic Soup with Ocean Fish Fillets and Vegetables cat food test. My cat, Muzu, liked the product. The truth is, she likes Sheba Select Slices in Gravy better, but she licked her bowl clean after ocean fish soup too. She ate liquid first and finished with meat after 1,5 hour waiting. I was impressed, because the product has tempting smell and same consistency 1.5 hour after the opening. My cat usually does not eat “old” food from her bowl, only freshly opened from a new clean bowl.

Sheba Classic Soupwith Ocean Fish Fillets and Vegetables could be a great variety when she is bored from her usual food but I would not feed this as a main meal.

Sheba Classic Soups are very healthy because contain vegetable and lots of liquid. I believe pets should consume lots of liquid to be healthy. Muzu is mad about vegetable. I always try to find her cat food with added vegetable pieces.

The sachet is easy to tear open, liquid does not spills, does not make any mess. It is only 40g, so I do not need to store opened sachets – my cat eats always small portions.
I love the design and colours. Sheba’s new design is the best!

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