Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Green Tea Tips

Home Tester Club is the world's biggest grocery-product testing, reviewing & sharing community. If you check #hometesterclub on instagram you can find lots of photos from club members around the world. I am one of the enthusiastic Home Tester Club members from the UK. My latest test product was Tetley Pure Green Tea.

I enjoyed Tetley Pure Green Tea, it is a really tasty and full bodied green tea. I did not like green tea before, because it always tasted bitter for me. At least I discovered I made it wrong and ruined the tea. You must use around 80 degree water. If you  boil the water to 100 degree it makes the tea unpalatable, bitter. Luckily I have a kettle with outside thermometer. If you have a traditional kettle, just boil the water and wait 2 minutes before pouring it over your tasty Tetley Pure Green Tea filter. Tetley advises on the pack do not add milk to enjoy it, just sweeten with sugar if needed. My advice is add cinnamon and a little milk to your Tetley Pure GreenTea to create unique taste.

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